One of the more obvious developments arising out of the Tobago House of Assembly elections over the past few months was the manner in which Prime Minister Keith Rowley exhibited a consciousness that this would probably be his last term in political life.

Already displaying the effects from the recent cuff to the solar plexus received from his recent heart condition, the usually enthusiastic Tobago Ah Wee Boy was less than jocular and more than sombre as he presided on a few occasions at the various meetings which would decide if his PNM would be put in power again.

Looking quite comfortable with the likes of Trace Davidson and young Ancil Baker to take up the baton, Rowley sounded more like a man in his last hurrah than the introductory song to usher his new, young, bright team into leadership for the future.

It must have been the anxiety underlying his voice that betrayed his uncertainty of victory to the extent that he felt compelled to overshadow the campaign in its dying moments by dominating the event and stealing the thunder of young Davison and her very capable team.



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Such is the state of insecurity in which the leader dwells that – like the old king who would be executed when he could no longer service his kingdom  –  Rowley has to find a new strength surging through his tired loins in order to reenergize himself for the new encounter of the fatal kind.

Where are my lieutenants? Too young and un-weary to take charge because of my military design, I look around at a desolate field, hoping for an imaginary enemy to fall on its own sword in the same way that I betrayed my own leader and succeeded on the platform of deceit and subterfuge.

How can I hope to build an army of integrity on this rocky field where this old warhorse has trekked over the many years of isolation and is now so too tired to recognize that victory is here but will soon be evaded.

Let the games begin as we seek to plant new trees in poisoned soil with the hope that fresh, healthy roots shall sprout from a contaminated environment.

Let us not down tools in this time of oil price falls and natural gas debacles which cause our land to shake at its very foundations as the pillars on which we have based our projections now shake at the foundations.

God help us, and may we come through this one more alive than dead.


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