A Trini Man’s Most Treasured Trophy


So he throw out peacock

He say he too vane

And disqualified lion

With his long flowing mane

But he looking at donkey

In one particular spot

Ladies and gentlemen, monkey say

Look at beauty this fella got

He give Donkey 

First, Second and Third

And then he tell Lion flat

If you was the king of the beasts

You’d be toting dat! Mighty Sparrow: Animal Beauty Competition

This obsession which T+T men have about how much  the size, length and power of their projection has evolved as the measure by which women’s sexual satisfaction is coded,  is well known in most areas of the world.

Indeed, it was a  T+T Calypsonian (The Mighty Sparrow) who sang the praises of the palace guard who took care of the Queen’s most treasures while he husband Phillip had to be away on more important business.

He big just like you but younger
He thick just like you but stronger
He lingay like you but harder
He laylay like you but badder
A man in my bedroom
He came on the bed,
doux doux, And I took him for you

Sparrow made world news with that song when US Secretary of State Colin Powell visited Trinidad and asked to be re-acquainted with his Caribbean roots by having none other than “Phillip”  sung for him by Sparrow in person.

Many suspected that Powell, who is himself a big black man  of formidable presentation, did not miss the pleasure of vicariously using The Bird to do in his people’s old British Slave Mistress who may have been also called 

Which is the story of the Caribbean man who may seem to be a passive, braying jackass taking everything handed our to him from education to labour to religion, with no one realizing the extent to which he utilizes his jackassness – to use a term coined by TT Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley – 

to beat up on the authorities in asinine code, with a special sharp eye cutting into the rear dimension of the loudly  reciprocating conversation.

It was in the same vein that a short man  with a loud voice named Eric Williams led the hungry of people to a long-lasting meal called Independence by using the opportunity of a few old discarded American war ships at Chaguaramas to make claims for the land and, by a master stroke of international symbolism, got on the road to taking the twin-island Caribbean state from the clutches of Great Britain – who, many people say – would have loved to free the bloody slaves anyway.

Today is the day I’ll remember

When we  marched in the rain with our Premier

Those were the words that resonated throughout the land of oil and steel band in the the early 1960s as the people who expressed their aspirations in the innocuous-looking, rough-rider weaponry  of the Word-in-Action through the combination of  Pan, Carnival and Calypso, a phenomenon which their leader Williams fully understood and provided full room for  it to break free.

And so it is that the parade of the bands go on and on, upon a shaky Savannah Stage where various characters post their messages in wine and jam to the hectic rhythm drum beats which pump in the hearts and minds of the ancestors as a reminder that  it was not always this way and  we should therefore  cherish our freedom and democracy, even though many outsiders do not see what we understand about our history as one people.

This is the place where we find our glory and our sustenance to help us carry on to further achievement as we set the pace for the evolution of a world where all are really created and treated as equals as in the model set by our own people who came here from diverse corners of the world  to be packed into one small area of 1,864  square yards (Population approximately 1.6 million) and left to make it on our own.

And that’s why our men choose to consider ourselves so reckless and sexy that Sparrow could sing (Outside the earshot of his wife who knows the real story)

Not a woman ever complain yet, with me

I am full of love, good looks and durability

And if a woman ever tell you that I

Ever left her  dissatisfied

She lie! She Lie! She Lie!

Yeah Right , bro!

As we carry on with our various activities as a happy nation therefore, it will always help to pause for a while and reflect on the good fortune which we have brought upon ourselves by dint of our hard work and faith in the future and our deep desire to carve a path for the future of our children who, we are pleased to see, are reaping the rewards of the work towards  the dream.

As they go through their own challenges, we trust that they will no longer need to keep beating up on the excuse of having been enslaved by the British  monarch to establish the garrison of national self-consciousness to create that extraordinary world brand which we are fast emerging as on the international stage.

Just looking around at the youths as they now playfully emerge, all the seniors and leaders – including the very caring  Child Affairs Minister Ayana Webster-Roy –  are already finding the courage and confidence that Sweet T+T is well on the way to stardom!

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