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Rudolph (Rudy) Williams is a veteran marketing communications specialist and creative entrepreneur domiciled in “Sweet T+T”. He is the publisher of and CEO of Williams Marketing. Rudolph is the author of “If I Die Tonight”.

Rasta Running from in Front

That’s because what came through – even on Social Media –  was the expression of genuine love for brethren by one who could have easily walked away after long years of effort invested in this chronically troublesome cell block. 

Different administrations drilling dry holes in areas such as the Beetham, Sea Lots and Laventille, have watched in awe as these kids with machine guns tucked in their Quorans wait for further orders. 

Like water off a black duck’s back, “Fitzie”, who is personally well-grounded in his native roots, provides the living example of what is possible for anyone in any hidden corner who understands the power of the dream.

“Ambition should be made of sterner stuff”, was the way Shakespeare put it (Julius Caesar). 

Seniors Under Siege

Perplexing photographs of senior citizens baking in the hot tropic sun while waiting for COVID 19 vaccines that never arrive provides just another painful expression of how an administration can shoot itself in the foot despite its best intentions.

While there may be justifiable argument to show that “No one is to blame”, such excuses ring hollow for citizens who have been faithfully following every rule during this distressing “lock down” where deprivations that were once thought to be trite and harmless are proving to be of serious consequence to an unprepared nation.

And now…watch Keith’s Sun Rising

In a few days, when the sun soars to its highest point in the Northern Hemisphere, Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley will also be in ascension as he navigates the sharpest turn on the face of the earth.

Poised on his chariot of fire, Rowley shall complete surfing those harsh cold waves of anger which had been crashing in on the vulnerable shores of his splintered little twin-island home upon which many citizens seem to curiously wish destruction.

On Sunday, June 23, the world will also celebrate Father’s Day in acknowledgment of the protective role played by the fathers of children, families, communities and nations – in the same way, Father Keith will be soaking in sweet satisfaction after a grueling trial in the Caribbean wilderness.

Watching the last red men with a cokee-eye

Vaulting ambition recently came to a screeching halt when Acting Police Inspector Mark Hernandez was charged for misbehavior in public office recently. Hernandez was appointed head of SORT (Special Operations Response Team)  by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith a few short months after he himself had assumed his exalted position.

That these two “Red Men” seemed to enjoy a special kind of synergy in the black-dominated TTPS, was evident in what Hernandez was attributed as saying when he was charged.

In this connection, the  46-year old aspiring DCP was reported as expressing hope that the SORT unit, established by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, would not be tainted by him (Hernandez) being charged.

RIP, Fine Soldier

As Trinidad and Tobago’s tired  Prime Minister  Dr. Keith Rowley looks for someone to replace deceased Energy Minister  Franklin Khan, it’s obvious how weak the government front bench really is.

Besides Rowley himself, the only one left to stoutly defend the besieged Balisier-entwined democratic republic is Works Minister Colm Imbert, a veteran who ranks high in political experience but low in people appeal.

Touch Not the PM’s Anointed Arab

Any curious TT visitor hearing terms such as “Privileged”, “Blessed”, “Highly favoured” and “Above reproach” will be greatly surprised to learn that these references are not being made to local dignitaries such as the president, the prime minister or even the commissioner of police.

In fact, the man of this important moment is a gentleman who appears to have the status of an untouchable because of his capacity to make laws and then bend them to suit his own personal benefit. 

How else can Attorney General Farris Al Rawi be described? After all, isn’t this the same man who aggressively passed COVID – 19 laws in Parliament then appeared unmasked on national television even while the police were harassing citizens in the streets for flouting the same regulations?

And what’s the response of his boss who’s supposed to be the most powerful man in the country?

The Real Brave One

Most genuine Trinis would have by now said a quiet prayer for  Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley who was recently tested Positive for Covid- 19. However, it’s not surprising that some of our yellow-hearted citizens could still find room and time to deal a few mal-intentioned jabs at our beloved “Tobago Ah we Boy”.

“I hear Rowley dying”, my east Indian tailor mournfully chimes in oxymoronic tones that ring of gratitude and optimism, as he takes measurements for my order. As disappointing as it is, this is the kind of naysaying and negativity which the populace has to deal with even as we keep plodding towards a future filled with possibilities of progress and prosperity on the cutting edge of destiny.

Indians rising too fast in African land

A number of news stories lately appearing in the Trinidad and Tobago media have brought special attention to one of this country’s two major ethnic groups, namely the Indians – or “Trini-Indians” -as some people here like to describe these first generation Trinidadians and their children of Indian descent.

Since their arrival in the mid-1800s to replace slaves liberated from the cane fields, this group has progressed at a  rate that is fast enough to raise the alarm among their Afro-Trinidadian compatriots. 

For while the Africans command the definitely major advantage in important spheres such as social presence, politics and education, they have never been able to put their finger on that mysterious formula which certain groups of men have been known to secretly employ for the purpose of mentally dominating other groups.

No one would admit it, but this might be a real case of the proverbial Indian wolf in democratic sheep’s clothing stealthily engulfing their African brothers in economic matters while allowing them to take control of the commanding heights of empty control.

Why Rowley cannot drop his balls in a clash with the Three-Canal Bodi Seller from Siparia

When she daintily stepped onto the pavement for yet another virtual meeting on Monday night (March 22), TT Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s hesitant start belied the dragon which she was holding on a leash for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley. 

Looking just as polished in mean time was her 71-year old Tobago “ah we boy” political adversary who had appeared a few days before on national television looking as fit as a fiddle with his face and bald pate nicely smoothed out like a beautiful black baby’s bottom –  seemingly ready to take on all comers in his “Conversation” about the COVID-19 situation here.

As usual, Rowley had great expectations about how quickly he would knock his most vulnerable, punch-drunk opponent out of the ring as he squared off to ram in a few of his favourite blows below the belt. After all, this is where he has always located his former Prime Minister’s weak points, forever painting her in the stock image of a woman staggering through a maze of reckless debauchery and alcohol, especially of the puncheon kind.


Already on a collision course with citizens who are battle-weary over the crime situation here, the Dr. Keith Rowley-led government also suffered a small embarrassment when sexual charges were laid against  84-year old Emile Elias at around the same time that protesters were gathering for another round of confrontation in central Trinidad.

Elias, a big-league Caribbean contractor of substantial means is also Chairman of the Family Planning Association and an outstanding member of the One Per Cent privileged community that’s whispered about as the real controllers of the local economy.

He has been awarded a number of huge contracts over the years, before and during the  Rowley administration, including the construction of the new headquarters for the Ministry of Health which is led by Minister Terrence Deyalsingh. 

Elias has been long publicly identified as having a healthy working relationship with Rowley, the PNM government and previous similar bodies.

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