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Gary Going…

Harum Scarum Your people got it right first time when you wrote about Mark Hernandez and  “The Last  of the Red Men” accompanied by  a cartoon of  the PM wearing a gown instructing me to sit down in the naughty boy corner. I must admit, I hadn’t seen it coming so clearly at first, but …

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Danger in Stereotyping TT Ghetto Youths as Criminals and Bad Boys

Being a TT citizen who’s committed to ”the real deal” as far as possible, I was pleased to accept an impromptu invitation to attend the birthday party of a youth in one of our so-called “ghetto” districts.My desire to directly experience and appreciate this separate reality has stemmed from a commitment to be able to …

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A Horse of a Very Different Colour

As ethnic shades easily morph  into holograms of rapid people evolution on this complex Caribbean twin- island landscape, the cliché “Enough is enough” has become so irrelevant that even TT Prime Minister Keith Rowley’s now shouting “Let’s do this together!”

What was once considered great text-book leadership is now measured by one’s art of war methodology where you must discover the unwritten laws to which the bottom feeders whom you quietly despise, passionately ejaculate their offerings in genuflection for a place at the master’s table. 

Or else, it’s a combination of :Crapaud smoke yuh pipe! Dog eat yuh supper! and All fall dong”

Certainly, that cannot be the kind of mental fender-bender you expect to successfully negotiate with at high noon in the TT Parliament on a Friday.

How to hide another senior caught squeezing a young Trini cat vamping to exhale

As a leader well known for the care he exercises over his people, Trinidad and Tobago Police Commissioner Gary Griffith would have been deeply concerned at the news that one of his senior officers was found dead in a hotel room in the countryside.

The official word was that senior police officer Sean Timothy had visited the Double Palm hotel where he fell, hit his head and died. 

It was also reported that his female companion gave the police whatever information was necessary to clear on the air on this most unfortunate incident.

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