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Dying Happy with Dennie

As he celebrates his first twenty five years on the planet, Cochese Tyler Dennie is peering far into the distant future for channels through which he can navigate  both his business endeavors and his  life in the creation of a wholesome future for himself, his community and his country.

As a young child who “liked to drive”, the enterprising Tyler with a personal push to be always “better”,  first  found himself organizing a group of boys with pails, soap water and rags into a car-wash business  in the east Port of Spain “ghetto” community where he was born.

Port of Spain Rising

Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city is taking the high road to resurgence and renewal as the Caribbean’s future “City of Festivals”.

Located  in  Trinidad on the southern-most-point of the lesser Antilles island chain, Port of Spain was the convenient  entry-point for invading European forces depositing various strains of people on  Amerindian-occupied land first called  “Cumucurapo”. 

When Death Becomes a Regular Feature Of Life

t’s not at all amusing but very funny how – at this special time of one’s life –  Death has become such a regular feature. Who would believe that barely two days after  I helped my neighbour “Jinx”* push his old car, he  died of a heart attack?

Incidentally, the way how I got the news of Jinx’s passing was also cause for discomfiting consternation tinged with humour. Or as the old people say: “Thing to cry for, you laughing”.

I got a wake-up call from Scobie, a long-time a community resident who reacted to my “Hello” in a hesitant, diffident tone.

“…I don’t know how to say this…but…”, he said solemnly, “ …I hear you dead!”

From left to right in photo) TTFA President William Wallace.Photo: TTFA Media/Allan V CraneFIFA President Gianni Infantino Photo: FIFA

Mighty FIFA’s Awkward Stumble

Football fans who now miss attending their favourite matches in large crowds because of COVID – 19 restrictions can follow an interesting side-line game in which FIFA, the world football authority, takes on minuscule Trinidad and Tobago in an on-going contest of un-equals where the mighty has been caught stumbling.

FIFA Goliath of Football Meets TT David

FIFA – the all-powerful Goliath of world soccer – seems in danger of outplaying itself at its own game amid the eruption of a major scandal involving recalcitrant member Trinidad and Tobago as the proverbial David in a contest involving the giant versus a pint-sized opponent on the football battle field

Harry and Meghan Starring in Black Woman’s Sexual Power TT Calypso

CULTURE AND THE ARTS Harry and Meghan Starring in Black Woman’s Sexual  Power TT Calypso Scene from the skit of “Meghan, My Dear” Photo: @terrilyons82, Instagram. Port of Spain – March 1, 2020 by Rudolph Williams As the absent stars of this country’s top award-winning calypso  involving a humorous  black woman’s power-spin on their sex …

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Frustrated Top Cop Seeking Comfort Among the People?

PEOPLE Frustrated  Top Cop Seeking Comfort Among the People? TT Police Commissioner Gary Griffith Photo: Ministry of National Security, Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain – February 19, 2020 By Rudolph Williams Children and spectators at the St James Children’s Carnival street  celebrations on Sunday February 16 were thrown into a state of pleasant shock …

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STATE OF THE NATION From Rudolph Williams, Publisher, Port of Spain – February 12, 2020 A MESSAGE FOR TT CRIMINALS This is a message to steer our young criminals into taking a new, constructive direction in their lives. The demo is part of a larger campaign meant to contribute to significantly reducing the crime problem in …


TT Carnival Going On Despite Corona

State of the Nation  “Unless something really dramatic happens…”   TT Carnival Going On Despite Corona (Left to Right in picture) :TT Government Ministers Terrence Deyalsingh (Health), Stuart Young (National Security) and Donna Cox (Communications) at the post-Cabinet Media Briefing  (Photo: Port of Spain – February 3, 2020 by Rudolph Williams It’s most unlikely …

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