Cocoa and Pepper In World Ranking

Ranking high on the world performance charts are two agricultural products of Trinidad and Tobago which have traditionally made a mark for this country without any fuss or bother for many years.

Described as ”Home to one of the world’s longest continuous cocoa variety breeding programmes initiated in 1930”, Trinidad and Tobago’s Moruga Scorpion pepper was also rated “the hottest naturally growing pepper in the world at over 2m Scovile units (SHUs) by the New Mexico State university’s Chile Pepper Institute in 2012.

Each pepper contains as much as much capsaicin as 25 mls of police grade pepper spray, official sources here stated.

In a world where fine/flavour cocoa accounts for a mere 5 % of cocoa production, TT is one of eight fine/flavour producers with unique hybrids of Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero fetching a premium price on the world market.

Farmers Under Siege

Food prices are going up because of forex shortages coupled with energy revenue falling because of decreasing gas and oil prices.

Trinidad is in a dilemma as a state that has long depended on oil revenue to carry its heavy welfare economy –   in education, health, social welfare and now COVID 19  which dealt us a major blow.

Things are starting to show as the teachers complain about delayed increases while workers in cement, security, media, and oil are being retrenched on a regular basis..

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