Celebrating our Magical Crossovers

For the fast growing number of us who have been “privileged” with the phenomenon of more than one” blood line “running through our arteries,  an ethnic eclipse is near.

Contrary to those citizens of diversified Trinidad and Tobago who still harbour real fears of one race overtaking the others, there’s an amorphous wave of people of motley colour, crew and religion which is about to not just overwhelm but morph into an invisible force which we will feel but not hear coming like the proverbial thief in the night.

This is what we’re actually experiencing deep in our bones as a new way of being or a new paradigm where the endorphins converge to give us a common happy feeling that takes us on another level as a people engaged in health, wealth and prosperity as opposed to the old victim thinking.

Where has all this come from?

The fact is it’s been there all the time with our pioneers stealing a ”dougla” roll at the back of a moving bull cart in the Caroni cane fields. It wasn’t much different for a few in the forested-covered oilfield where many an enterprising expatriate took his day off   to pass by the home of an employee who he knew was working off shore

 After all, the very expat was the one who sent away the man who was glad to get the extra duty allowance and happy to be out of the house for a week. 

That’s why some women could bring home blue-eyed babies from the beach with bulging lips that triggered an instant pleasant reaction by many a delighted father who – much to the mother’s relief – quickly pointed out the child’s resemblance to the Dutch grandfather he had only seen black and white photos of.

As the lines blur in technology, time and age, very few of us continue to have a grasp on the new political movement which is slipping eerily into the particle waves moving through the fabric of the people in their various incarnations.  

We have begun to lose track of the small differences which demanded what party we voted for, for example.

And nowadays, when you see a UNC Monday night forum on virtual TV, it’s a hypnotic blend between a Rasta Conscious reggae music session with the Opposition leader looking like a Hollywood star trying hard snatch a role in Donald Trump’s old “Apprentice” series.

It’s a whirl where dreams fade and  @ replaces “location” in the Email dictionary. The young have quickly become the natural leaders in this area – if only on the authority of their academic knowledge and mastery of simple enough processes that we who are ahead in years will never catch up with.

In Sweden they’ve long holding Digital Parties where you stand and utter the request which opens your door based on your voice pattern.

Sex problems are fast becoming a thing of the past as little boys and girls have been encouraged to hike up their skirts to pee in unisex primary school.

As is the case of the boy who grows up with two masculine-looking parents,  has to call one “Mammy” and is confused when they have to line up separately when the gender roll is called.

At a higher level, youths in T+T are finding themselves caught up in collateral damage caused by the Covid 19 pandemic in the form of ”screen addiction” 

“With a whole nation now being told to stay at home, these young people are left trapped with people they are so desperate to escape from and even less able to be who they are,” said Dr  Christine Descartes, speaking on the topic “Staying the course amid the pandemic: Potential impact and challenges for youth”.

A Lecturer in Psychology at UWI’s Department of Behavioural Sciences, Descartes was making her point at a virtual presentation titled “Supporting Youth during the Cobid-19 Pandemic -: Response, Recovery and resilience” hosted on July 1 by The University of the West Indies (UWI) Department of Behavioural Sciences in collaboration with the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

This was revealed during a virtual presentation, titled “Supporting Youth during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Response, Recovery and Resilience”, hosted by The University of the West Indies (UWI) Department of Behavioural Sciences in collaboration with the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

In the same  “Trinidad Express” report by Verdel Bishop, Dr Cheryl-Ann Boodram, UWI lecturer/practicum co-ordinator, Social Work, whose topic was “Surviving and thriving: Youth living in a Covid-19 world”, said this social and economic integration of young people has been an ongoing challenge.

“The restrictive measures associated with the pandemic, which not only affected jobs and employment prospects for youths but also severely impacted their education, training and mental well-being,” said Boodram.

“Unless urgent action is taken, we know that youths are likely to suffer severe and long-lasting trauma so as Trinidad and Tobago continues its ongoing crisis management amid the pandemic, it is important to identify and respond to the youth mental health needs by identifying needs and meeting with rapid intervention long-term, short- and medium-term,” she added.

On the other side of the story, Britain’s ever-young and forever- adventurous swashbuckling billionaire Sir Richard Branson seems to be taking old age like a duck to water or like a bird rising with the wind, depending on the role you prefer to cast him in.



In becoming the first man to enter and stay in space, the septuagenarian was recorded a breakthrough not only for man and space but, ironically, for the young people who, feeling side-lined on many a grand occasion because of limited resources, would benefit by involvement in such great ventures.

“Hopefully the next generations will be able to explore what’s up there.”, said Kerianne Flynn who, having signed up since  2011 to fly with Virgin Galactic, had butterflies ahead of the launch Sunday. 

“I think there’s going to be nothing like going up there and looking back down on the Earth, which is what I think I’m most excited about,” she said.

So if this is the new movement that will catapult the people upward as one, the big proposition will have to centre around the quality and not the quantity of the reach and influence of pioneers like Branson, Bezos and Musk..

That, my friends, must be exactly what those Jehovah  Witnesses mean when they talk about “the end of the world” with a sense of deep, delightful expectation. 

It just may be that these persevering Bible-toting salesmen and women are keenly aware that what this “ending” also heralds is the brand new start of a whole new world and another set of dreams all over again!

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