Celebrating the Magic of Trinidad Carnival

As the tiny Caribbean democratic republic of Trinidad and Tobago (Approximately 1.6 million diverse people packed n 1,864 square feet of land) prepares to set the world on fire with her  mass dramatic cultural  event known as Trinidad Carnival or the Greatest Show on Earth, a number of thought-provoking issues rear their head, including:

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  • How – in this world of so much chronic tension, war and bad mind – can these adventurous Trinis manage to pull off such a remarkable stunt with such agility, ease and disarmingly smiling laissez faire?
  • What kind of role does this rare, largely concealed element play in the evolution of a people who- without a bye-your-leave – have quietly emerged at the cutting edge of  the international pecking order in crucial areas of development such as energy, health care, free education up to tertiary level, harmonious living and creative thinking?
  • What can  old, tired, first  world leaders  learn from the magical energy revolving in the thousands of moving parts in a female waistline shooting flames of enticement on the street on the way to the waiting Savannah Stage?

In summary, discerning observers intent on celebrating the real value of Trinidad Carnival  must take the time and effort to look at this beast from

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A visit to the Mas Camp, the Pan Yard or the many bars that litter the streets will reveal where the energy, creativity and national confidence of the drums of Africa, India and Europe converge to push out this explosion of colour, sound and movement in the fullest expression of heart and soul. 

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As Machel Montano and Destra put it:

Everybody take ah Jump

Take ah Jump up Now

It’s Carnival!

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So while the Trinidad Carnival continues to amorphously wend its way into the cultures of various countries across the globe, people will take many years to put their finger on the throbbing, mysterious pulse of spirit of Trinidad and Tobago surreptitiously taking over and transforming this world that is blind and dumb to its possibilities of its soul when one Calypsonian (GGG)  sang:

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Editorial Photo - Image ...

Sweet Sweet Trinidad

How ah love mih country bad

When ah dead please me

In de centre ah de city (Funny)

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