Change Your Mind, Black Man or Perish

There’s this old story brought back by the local black advertising executive starring on the top agency’s  prestigious national airlines account (based on his ruling party connections) who, on being told by the black Maitre’ de that there were no more tables at the posh London restaurant he was about to enter, found his head swivelling  back in its socket.

His boss – the blonde-haired son of the white European  Planter class that really ran things in Sweet T+T – had stopped the emissary in his tracks by imperiously announcing: “I am Conrad Hilton’s son! Get me a table now

So said, so done – much to the dismay of the black, so-called Trini big business honcho.

No matter the many diverse ways I have looked at the situation over my three score and ten years plus on the planet, I believe that – while for the White man, it is a matter of how to claim Entitlement in Doubt – for the Black man, it is a question of how to keep turning Opportunity into a Problem.

For instance, how can millions of people insist on identifying  themselves  with a notion or concept of  Labour which never gives birth to anything but another cycle of still born products?So if you choose not to learn your capacity for resilience and overcoming based on the oppression you underwent during slavery, an if you decide to bleating from outside the abattoir like a lamb waiting to be slaughter – instead of working as the master that you really are  on the inside – who is to be held responsible for your lot?

It’s something like this interesting phenomenon that occurred after Prime Minister Dr Williams bought over Shell and Texaco, only to see the same people-owned and operated enterprise run into the ground so that today, the government has to sell it to a foreign entity. 

A similar thing happened with our steel plant which the new owners can still afford to keep mothballed at Pt Lisas while the ex-workers stand by and wring their hands and wait for something to happen against the background of their own inaction and helplessness.

And while the experts may proffer reasonable strategic business thinking behind these moves, how do you explain the T+T football team arriving on the brink of qualifying for World Cup Germany – after being assisted by Trini-born World Cup VP Jack Warner who secured second berth for CONCACAF – only to throw it away by losing focus in pre-match celebrations?

Let’s take a tip from the web site crystalinks which posits 

“We exist in a matrix, simulation, hologram, or virtual programmed reality  that we believe is real because our brains tell us it is.Consciousness is all and everything in the virtual hologram of our experiences brought into awareness by the brain – an electrochemical machine forever viewing streaming codes for experience and interpretation”

According to these writers:” Consciousness originates from a source of light energy for the purpose of learning. The human biogenetic experiment is consciousness brought forth into the physical by the patterns of sacred geometry that repeat in cycles called Time.

It’s almost as if we are afraid of Success and are in complete love with Failure.

In the same context, we – the most pampered  people of the wealthiest little twin-island state in the Caribbean – have this bad habit of complaining and lamenting bout everything under the sun.

And we do it in a manner that drags us back from attaining progress every hour of the day, even as a significant number of our blacks, “marginalized” youths who never knew their pot-head fathers, keep shooting one another to death on the streets with guns loaned or sold by controllers who have no care for the eventual state of the nation so long as their sordid businesses remain viable.

What is the Time Mr, Wolf?

That’s the question asked by Super Blue.

Is Bacchanal Time! Bacchanal Time! Bacchanal Time!

Or as the rapper asked:

What’s on Your Mind today, my brother?

What’s in your head today, my sister?

The thought you choose to entertain

The Thing that’s hidden in your brain

That is what you’ll chose to do

And that is what will see you through

That’s why

You have got to change

Change Your Mind 

And Stay away from Crime

(Check out Change Your Mind and Stay Away from Crime by Rudolph Williams You Tube)

As the June 21 Summer Solstice begins to make its powerful arc of influence on the way people angle their various behaviour life patterns on this side of the Equator, it’s up to us – and us alone – to consciously hold the line on our destiny in real terms.

To slip and fall – to which  we seem to have an addiction – let us be at least honest  with ourselves, and admit that we are the ones digging the very  pit into which we keep willingly  falling like suicidal masochists happy to enter hell grinning on skates.

And if you make ah gouti look back to see some white man gleefully shoving you off with a whip of godly entitlement on your bent black back, blame yourself and enjoy the ride!

Otherwise, as Patrice Roberts advised in her calypso:

Drink Water and Mind My Business!

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