Crucifixion of Stuart Christ

By Harum Scarum

Much unlike the  expected good tidings which speak to  Baby Jesus’ arrival in three weeks time, young Stuart the Christ  is now being prepped for crucifixion by  jews in red, white, black, brown and yellow as  the sacrificial lamb to wash away the sins of a party which is so great that it will always prevail.

This is nothing new for the snake-infested Balisier patch dwellers who have over the years stung, chewed up and spat out loyal nationals like Kamal Mohammed, Errol Mahabir, Carlton Gomes and Rishi Lakhan with an easy smile – according to our mood and appetite for human flesh at the particular point in time.

Ask Overand Padmore, the respected security guardsman  who had to slither away while the leadership  waited for a lawyer named Desmond Allum to decide if he would be the representative for the POS North seat.

Stuart Young

It’s the same seat which Jackie Lazarus fought for with all her might and own funds in the valley of death knowing she would lose, before being left stranded in the garden of Gethsemane.

What about the black Rottweiler who had to snarl and break his way through hind sight and bridge all troubled waters to rout the man- in with the help of daring radio deejays feeding at the trough of the treasury of intellectual trivia from the plate of Eric Williams in the barber shops and on the afternoon drives.

And who can forget how the rowdy Tobago mason was able to kick out the man-in with one stroke that left him frozen for life, never understanding that it’s a different bag of bara if you from down south and really like Indians because you are a part of them without fake oil?

So it’s now the turn of the hot-shot Chinese–looking lawyer who was elected to sing for his supper all the way from St Mary’s cathedral to rescue the mason from the Lebanese clutches he had placed himself in after he ate both land and wire from the Scarborough hospital.

That’s after parachuting a bee-wee pilot speaking in dulcet tones to a soft landing in flagstaff to become instant Chairman of a PNM party group he thought meant Please Nominate Me for President.

As Minister of everything, the young international negotiator used his Shotokan karate skills to help hold together the very fabric of a new government that was about to burst at the seams from any one of the following pressures:

  • The Venezuelan invasion
  • BP contracts which could drown us in oil
  • Ferries for Rowley’s ever-complaining outside Tobago children
  • A derelict half-breed emancipator calling for the licence of an Indian doctor who caught jungle fever from his assistant’s warm bosom
  • A sociological fossil still trying to take over government by currying favour with the leader who gives him grants and carries him home for dinner.
  • An oily house “nigger” who cannot unite his own house but making pappy show with a whole oil refinery that was given to him by the blackest man to prove how stupid he really is.

Now that Stuart the Christ has solved all the blank man’s problems in five short years, the house of the Balizier is tired of him continuing to be serious about cleaning up the endemic corruption of party and country..
That is perhaps why we’ve begun to let him have the sting in the tail by:

The Balizier
Eric Williams: father of the nation
  • Holding him responsible for the misguided moves of his step daughter
  • The bleating cries of sheepish lawyers who flock into position themselves to be bullied into promotion by their chief.
  • Hounding of his little brother who made some innocent money from an honest day’ work
  • Prosecuting his famous public servant of a father’

So the young lawyer who sat at the highest levels to save TT from the brink of disaster in five short years is suddenly persona non grata now that he has cleaned up Rowley’s ground for Tobago monkey to run on – to use a local expression.

Venezuelans on the move

This is the Christmas challenge for Rowley’s promising acolyte who pledged to save country and people despite opposition from the bullies and “macomere” men who continue to smooch King Christopher’s black rear with the hope of emerging lily white and martinized on the queen’s potty throne in the streets of Port of Pain.

Samples of Coffins to be used to bury corruption
Courtesy Dennie’s Funeral Home – Undertakers of the Waking Dead

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