Even When Our PM’s Missing in the Storm: All Ah We is One Famalay!

After receiving word of their leader’s plan to return home after more than  three weeks AWOL,  all Zandolies have begun to peep out of their – curtained  holes, especially with the announcement about the coming Storm that never came in full.

In any case, PNM-Till-Ah (People’s national Movement) loyalists and other citizens of  free colour, should be now sitting easy in their arm chairs for the following main reasons:

  • The Rowley remote-controlled government can feel assured that  its front-line political star boys in the persons of Faris Al Rawi and Marvin Gonzales, have proven how well they can hold the fort in case the leader has to turn his back or bow his head.

It was almost as if the PNM had staged a dry-run for an election run-up, using the UNC’s (United National Congress) simultaneous  internal election as a backdrop. With good fronting by Finance Minister Colm Imbert acting in the chief’s chair, PNM-ites must breathe a sigh of relief after defeating an imaginary enemy in a big battle which appears to have just fizzeled up – like the Storm that never happened – into thin air.

  • The reminder that, by his presence at the recent government news conference to discuss the impending storm,  Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Communications in the person of Symon de Nobriga, MP for Diego Martin Central, is still in the dance; 

Visit Change Your Mind And Stay Away from Crime by Rudolph Williams  on You Tube The real possibility of T+T evolving a new  Public Events Managements product/service outside of the usual Carnival realm in a space where glitzy command performances are  executed by government stars Farris Al Rawi, Marvin Gonzales, Rohan Sinanan and De Nobriga under puppet-master Rowley as in T+T’s Got Talent; and

  • Despite news of his planned return, the nagging concern by many that all is not well with our usually vibrant, fit-looking PM.

Three weeks and more are too much for the most generous set of citizens to take.

That said, it means that he PNM is set to pull off two important feats over the next couple months, namely:
* A winning National Budget to be delivered by Finance Minister Imbert at a time when Gas and other energy product prices are high; and

Victory in the next Local Government elections: which will set the stage for a  PNM victory in the next general election, including a return of the two Tobago seats.

So when all is said and done, Rowley’s long absence has served the government and the PNM well in the sense that – looking at Faris, Marvin and Rohan on show (with Symon in tow) –  the future of this country is still in good hands.

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