Harry and Sheila’s 55th Wedding Anniversary

A message from Harry Dyal:

Hi, my name is Harry Dyal class of 1963/65.

At Teachers College I was never into sports but I enjoyed the voice training received from lecturer/choir soloist Ms Cuffie and choir director Mr James Williams. As a member of the Mausica Choir, it was certainly a thrilling experience when we won the Folksong Championship in 1964. Thanks also to Terrance Walker whose competitive bridge playing skills helped me to become a rather skillfull bridge player.

We lost several Mausicans who have passed on over the years but the passing of two in particular really affected me, one being my close friend Augustine Mitchell (Burl Ives) and the other Alphonsus Antoine from Grenada who spent a few weekends with my family in Claxton Bay. After graduating,I spent one year as teacher vice principal at Spring Vale Hindu School and two years at St Benedict’s College teaching as well as supervising the drama program before immigrating to Canada in 1968.

I was one of the first Mausican to get married (July 31st 1966). My wife Sheila (Ramlal, sister of Dennis Ramlal1964/66) and I are celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary this year. So I thought I’d do some reminiscing. Mr Harry Joseph(principal), Mr James Boodhoo and Mr Mangatal(lecturers), as well as Felix Edinborough (Alumni president), attended our wedding at St Margaret’s Village, Claxton Bay. We were married in typical Hindu tradition where the groom is king for a day(see pics). I am also including a pic of the wedding present Felix gave us (a tea set) on behalf of the Mausica Alumni.

We went to Tobago on our honeymoon where we enjoyed the warm hospitality of both Moses and Campbell and their respective families. They also drove us around the island (pics included). In Canada we had the privilege of visits by a few Mausican graduates including Jack and Maureen Warner, Joan and Jean Lloyd, and Selwyn Jacobs. Over the years, we were also fortunate to have several Mausicans as neighbours in Winnipeg as well as in Toronto.

The many years my wife and I spent teaching/administrating in Indigenous communities will forever be etched in our memories, maybe at a future date I will detail some of our treasured experiences working in these remote communities where our mode of transport in the summer months were small float planes and boat, and ski planes and skidoos during the winter months. There were no road access except on the frozen lakes during the winter month.

Thank you all, Mausica was indeed, a treasured experience. In addition to my teaching certificate Mausica gave me a beautiful woman who shared my life over the past 55 years (a marriage certificate) and I want to thank her for partnering with me through thick and thin. She gave me two handsome sons and we now have two beautiful grand daughters ages ten and thirteen.

As they say, Mausicans, are indeed, a special breed.
Harry Dyal

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