How ah lil Indian Woman make Rowley break dance in hot pants.

Like the raging bull his former boss had  more-than-once accused him of being , TT Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was caught voraciously charging forward as if to  devour  a tiny female Indian reporter  in full glare of the country’s Media in a not-so-very Diplomatic central event on Saturday October 16.

In an attack which he seemed to be waiting to unleash for a long time now, Rowley unfurled the full brunt of his unexplained fury on TV6 Reporter Urvashi Tewarie-Roopnarine, much to the dismay of all  present and moreso to Urvashi herself  who seemed stunned at the whiplash coming from her normally courteous Prime Minister. 

“What de hell ah do, PM?”, she must have wondered in her flabbergasted state  as Rowley held the podium tightly and jumped  like a man on steroids  about to pounce  upon the reporter who got no chance to  finish asking what appeared to be routine COVID -19 question.

“So what happen to Keithos now?” Many friends may be asking in the telephone buzz. “Who really  get him vex this time?”

It must be the backlash from hidden spiritual forces constantly assaulting him from a thousand houses of residence and worship as the beat goes on to unseat this proud leader who has done so well to make us all proud for his achievements as Prime Minister of a country under serious stress over the last six years.

Interestingly, one of Rowley’s most dangerous demons in this lurid mix is a man who  served as in the previous  People’s Partnership (PP) government led by Kamla Persad-Bissessar led government.

Roberts performed with poor distinction as Minister of sport  for his alleged “costs from $6.67 million to $267 million  from 2012 to 2014 and was associated with many dark and dangerous characters suspected of being involved in terrorist activities.

Although the victim of his fair share of bad publicity – including a video  circulating with someone bearing his resemblance appearing to be smoking pot with a couple shady-looking women in a place of dubious repute – Anil Roberts was able to make himself valuable in KPB’s government mainly for his big mouth and biting wit. 

Never hesitating to put water in his hot mouth, Roberts, currently an Opposition senator has been finding great pleasure in lambasting government people left right and centre in the Upper House and on his intrepid “Douglar politics” show on social media with the TT Prime Minister as one of his favourite targets. 

One can imagine therefore the sense of sweet relish with which “Big Mouth Anil” listened to Rowley lambasting little Urvashi in public and referring to other elements against him as “imps, scrimps and pimps”.

Anil used this statement to give himself full licence to vilify the nation’s Prime Minister for a number of past sexually-charged  events in which he was alleged or rumoured to have been involved including: a young teacher’s  encounter with a student in a “pump pum” situation; riding a big red horse on  the Chaguaramas golf course; entanglement with numerous women in governmental positions and the media; and his alleged pulling and tugging at women during at least one election campaign.

Roberts also daringly displayed a full colour photo meant to represent the country’s PM with the owner of a notorious reputed “hoe-house” in the city, complete with Rowley’s arms around the man’s shoulder and a hand on his leg.

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With that kind of ammunition in his armory, Roberts and his fellow UNC bacchanalists must surely be confident that they have loads of money to carry to the bank or the court house in case  Rowley decides to call in  one of his hot-shot lawyers such as Farris Rawi to pull him out if this embarrassing fracas.

Meantime, the slim but dangerous Urvashi and he friends in the Media must surely be gloating behind their cameras at the way how the Prime minister has once again lost his cool under pressure from the wave of attacks levelled at him.

As he appears to be slipping out of control, it may be time for the PM to admit that –  despite his public posturing of a stead-minded leader –  many citizens are tending to wonder if he really has the “testicular fortitude” to complete this job which is not for boys playing with marbles,  but for men who can lift big stones.

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