How Police can Arrest a whole Capital City While Tobago’s Duke Removes his Dunce-Cap Crown from Farley’s Fuqued-up Head

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While two major events could have easily made the hit list in this tiny Caribbean twin-island democratic republic’s (1.6 million people on 1,864 square feet of land)  comedy of errors where citizens swear that God is a Trinidadian, observers will pause abruptly on realizing that the stories are not fiction but matters of fact involving real people in a real place.

As remarkable and as outlandish as it might seem, at about the same time that TT Police Senior Superintendent Roger Alexander of Television fame was seen taking over the capital city of Port of Spain, another big media star, Watson Duke, was caught on tape in the sister isle, firing Tobago House of Assembly Chairman (under whom he serves as an Assistant Secretary) from the post of Chairman of the Movement (PDM), the political entity which vaulted them into the driver’s seat of the THA in a crushing defeat of the People’s National Movement (PNM) last December. 

Duke’s action came hours after Augustine announced at a media briefing that Duke’s position as deputy Chief Secretary’s would be reviewed, following a Facebook video in which Duke accused the THA of not providing for the needs of 27 “hungry and forgotten” members of the Roxborough Folk Performing group who are in New York performing at various events.

According to Leah Sorias in a Trinidad Guardian report, Duke, who was in New York for meetings, said in the video on Wednesday night that the performers were treated as “thieves, slaves and cast-aways” and because of a lack of proper accommodation, they had to sleep in a basement for a few days with dead rats.

Augustine said he was surprised by the video, given that when Duke reached out to him on Wednesday afternoon for assistance for the performers, he made every effort to help.

Augustine clarified that the performers were not sent to New York by the THA but that the THA had assisted them with over $400, 000 in airfare and accommodation.

Duke fired back at Augustine in Facebook post yesterday afternoon urging the Chief Secretary to “humble himself”.

He said Augustine’s threat to review his position was laughable.

Meanwhile, the Trinidad and Tobago Police were caught taking what seemed like a highly usual and unprecedented step in the fight against Crime by storming the nation’s capital city in broad daylight with fully armed back up –with no criminals in sight – to announce its take-over of over a city which has an established Police Force controlled by a Mayor, both of which could not make the cu to appear on the News with Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob, Senior Superintendent Alexander and his band of city kidnappers.

Ironically, this arrived hot on the heels of former police commissioner Gary Griffith appearing in his role as aspirant for the prime ministership of T+T at a meeting in Diego Martin and telling the large crowd, according to 

Anna Ramdass

“They (the TT government)  have now formed an arm in the Police Service, it has been brought to my attention. It’s an unnamed unit and their job every day is to see what they can do to bring down Gary Griffith. That is where we have reached to,” said Griffith.

He said he will not “walk into that trap”, as he disclosed he wrote letters to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA), the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Police Service Commission to have this investigated.

“This is the type of dictatorship we intend to put an end to, where you cannot have arms of the Police Service working to the directives of politicians because you might give them promise of a substantive post if you get Gary Griffith arrested,” he said.

Griffith said further that present at the NTA meeting were two Special Branch police officers.

He noted Special Branch reports directly to the prime minister.

“There are two Special Branch officers here tonight that are actually ‘maccoing’ and watching everything that is being said.”

The sixty-four million dollar question in these cases must be: On what solid ground can a democracy claim to be standing when, in reality, citizens have to stare in jaw-dropping awe at the very institutions –such as the Capital City Corporation and the Prime Minister as Head of the National security Council – which are supposedly in charge, genuflecting at the feet and bottoms of those who wield the real authority, at will?

As the Calypsonian sang:

Who is to guard these guards?

Meantime, your best move, as a citizen here should be to wave your flag an wait for the next election when you will be able to have your say at the polls and, as  the late Blax advised:

Spread your hands and Leggo!

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