Invitation to Enhance Your Career with a Life-Changing Communications Masters Course

Give your career a quantum leap by acquiring a new skill set in the  exciting world of Communications to enhance your chances of success in any field.

Our promise is that you will emerge as an individual who is so competent in the various basic communication genres that you will find that  your contribution to the work environment is so enhanced that new opportunities just seem to appear out of thin air.

That’s because you – as a newly-minted Communications Masters Course will find that your services are required in any number of areas beyond  your designated area of employment in view of the  way in which you seamlessly  blend in to facilitate the deliveries of your bosses and associates in tasks such as:

  • Writing and delivering a speech;
  • Preparing a Media release;
  • Devising a Communications Plan in an emergency situation with the potential of causing great damage to the company’s corporate image;
  • Assisting management in effectively relating to the trade union representatives in a rough negotiation; and 
  • Briefing your bosses to ensure they are well prepped for a major nation television appearance.
Entrepreneur interviewed on a podcast
  • Optimizing opportunities on Social Media

In the eight-week period  under our intensive tutelage comprising a team of powerful, experienced experts, you will discover yourself as a work in progress, evolving with every session as you actualize events and situations in the real world of Communications and not be an arm-chair expert whose words sound and smell like a strong wind.

Avail your self of this rare opportunity for self-advancement  with an initial investment of $1,500.00  and $1,500.00 in one-month’s time, to complete payment of $3,000.00 which covers the full  period of this remarkable exercise that will not only significantly impact on your career, but will serve as a game-changer in your life.

In this regard, you are invited to  google for a look at one of our flagship projects as a means of assessing our capabilities. And you may visit our video Change Your Mind and Stay Away from Crime by Rudolph Williams on You Tube.

We are projecting to start our Communications  Masters Course by mid-July, 2023.

Please confirm your commitment by completing the form below and emailing us at: 

I trust that you will find our offer or interest and we hope to hear from you soon.


Rudolph Williams

CEO – Williams Marketing

May 15, 2023

Politician talking into reporters' microphones

Admission Form for the Communications  Masters Course

To: Williams Marketing, Stephens Road, Maraval, Trinidad and Tobago

Please accept my initial investment of $1,500.00 for enrolment in the Communications Masters Course with the promise to pay the balance of $1,500.00 in four weeks time or earlier.




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Please make cheques payable to Williams Marketing

You can call us to collect your payment or receive our bank information to make your own deposits

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