It’s the Answer that Does Bring the Row!

What is your problem, Really?



My problem is ME

How so?

The Government.

The Government?

Yes. The government gave me too much at one time, so I never had to work hard for nothing. And I became accustomed to looking for:  

*The next raise of pay without any demand for equivalent improvement in productivity; 

*The promotions I did not deserve but got because of my Party card connections;

*The 34 years of increasing gas subsidies which I used to galavant about with Tom, Singh and Helen while waiting for the next rise, not realizing that this would all add up, and one day we’ll have to pay;

* The abuse of a  free, high standard education facility where the percentage of students scoring 30% or below  in the SEA (Secondary Education Assessment) programme  was 11%.

This means that of the 19,201 students who wrote the SEA in 2020, a whopping 5,760 students should not have been there in the first place. Talk about a waste of taxpayers’ money?

Students already enrolled for the free GATE University programme that the visionary deceased Patrick Manning started, have also been falling off  in bundles, for trivial reasons such as :”I don’t like that subject any more”

So why the hell were you allowed to take it anyway?

So,  is that why you blame the government and refuse to take responsibility for your failure?

True. The government and the white slave master. You went so far back? About 400 years?
Yes. I can still feel the whip and the chains. Take another drink nah! The sun getting hot, ent? I hope the wrecker doesn’t make a foe-day morning pass and go with my equipment, oui?

Let me tell you something, breds. My ancestors and I have worked hard all our life down the ages . So if the system have some fat now, that’s okay, The younger ones will burn it out – Although I find plenty young women a bit too boobooloops for my liking nowadays, 

They need some exercise. How you chinksing of giving a drink of puncheon for the ancestors  from the new bottle? You are not moving like a St James Indian. 

We know about the song:

Cause dey make me work, Ah work

 Good lord, no pay

An Ah toil, Ah toil

Ah toil and Ah toil

So hard each day

I’m dying!

Ask Sparrow. Is he who sings the tune? It’s a classic that schools should make the children sing with the National Anthem.

But I must say that the Port of Spain City Council is working real hard. It’s a young, vibrant set of people making a big difference, despite the mistakes – which are inevitable when you’re new to the game  of politics.

If you ask me personally, I like Councillor Abena Hartley who is  somewhere in Belmont. 

And she’s a nice woman too! I feel she could be the city’s first female Mayor!

So what you doing outside here at 10 in the morning with your normal clothes obviously hiding your work clothes and  drinking rum in this place that did not seem to close for the night. 

I am a City Council worker. I came out at 7 am. I knock off at 9.30 to complete my 6-hour task.

7 to 9.30?…….. That is two and a half hours, not six.

You forget Transport, Breakfast, Defecation Time, Overtime, Tool collection Time, Smoke allowance and all the other burdens we have to carry ion this hazardous job – including smelling the fumes from your farting cess pits.

OK. I never looked at it that way.

Well you better look at it again! While you rolling up in under cover with your woman in air-conditioning  on a spring fill mattress, is I who is  sweeping away  your loud groaning garbage under your closed up window. Is I in the eye of the storm? Yuh arstan?

What, you feel you are better than me? I have a Party Card too, you know. PG 8. In a good area with a good MP. Is he who got me this wock after I failed to get a full CAPE Secondary Certificate? I passed English. You hear how good I talk?

But I’m not worried. My MP told me he’s  working to get me inside the Ministry of Works as a Checker.

That’s where the pay is really good with very little real work – just to check. And you can fix yourself and your bredren  by  helping the MP get material from the work site eased away to the place where he just happens to be building his own houses – using the same contractor!

You feel I don’t know anything? That is why I have to keep this party in power.

What kind of card are you  carrying?

And what are you staring at across the road? I don’t see any big bottom trailers going to the Market now….. What are you really watching, boy? 

I’m looking at a man in a City Council uniform writing some notes as he leans on a cart that has been standing idle for the longest time. I wonder who owns it.

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