It’s Time to Stop Crime!

When all is said and done, and long before the proverbial Fat Lady can sing, it behoves us all –as very fortunate citizens  of this  precious twin-island Caribbean republic – to do something once and for all about this nagging Crime problem.

After all, we have people  who are actually preparing a Petition to have the United Nations headquarters re-sited here. Imagine the enormity of the quantum leap we are attempting as a people by making such an  unprecedented  move!

As the life-changing Petition gets wings, think about the level of negative criticism  our  beloved Crime-plagued country  can attract from those who want to see T+T  kept back from collecting the rewards of her own inherent greatness.

As Ronnie Mc Intosh said:

How it Go Look?

Even at the moment of writing this article, news has just come in about Synergy TV’s Breaking Dawn presenter Stephan having been robbed of his car, money and jewelry outside his home at Quamina Street, St James.

This  is a mere eight minute  walk away from my own home, and ten minutes from Cheers!, my favourite watering hole on Mooneram Street where I  help solve the problems of the world with my big business partners Comenah and Carryon.

All this,  while devouring delicious, tail-end eye food bumping by to the rhythm of  Shango and Tassa drums on the properly humped-street.

St James is known for its suburban calm and neatly- laid out streets where many a drunk man can confidently drift to his home after dark, feeling perfectly safe and happy like pappy!

That’s primarily because he knows no one will interfere with him and that the glaring headlights which he navigates are from cars driven by careful, concerned, often amused drivers who deftly avoid colliding with him, being instantly reminded of the many blissful nights that they too have trod this same route in stupors of  Carib, Stag and White Oak with ice or straight.

Which is why we must find radical solutions fast, if  we are to keep up with the positive revolutionary actions of those who form the proud vanguard moving onto the world stage to tango with those who are among the first in the world.

Look at the record of this mini state of about 1.6 million. 

  • Three Olympic Gold Medals – where some big macko countries have none!
  • Three International Beauty Queens;
  • Among the leaders in Oil and energy production;
  • One Nobel  Prize in in Literature; and
  • The place where English voyager Sir Walter Raleigh discovered one of the least five  pitch lakes in the world

As regards this Crime scourge – which, it’s estimated,  is largely caused by about 0.1 percent of the population – one of the often

floated suggestions involved the establishment of what some refer to as:

The Trinidad and Tobago Residential Socio-industrial Human Development Institute for Personal Youth Transformation and Re-Invention

The main objective of this school will be:

Design and operation of a human production, mind-changing factory where each individual perseveres a course of self discovery in talent, life skills and emotional-intelligence development, alongside maximization of physical development, sexual  and combat training as employed adults working on their First Degree in Greatness Realization.

It’s proposed that the student body will comprise both males and females living in the same accommodation for at least 90 days,  based on the old principle that it takes 40 days to break an old habit and ninety days to form a new one.

So what’s the big innovative difference in this plan, especially when it can be easily argued that  so many others haven’t made the cut?

The answer lies in the approach. These students, or special brand of species, if you like, will be their own teachers. In consciously and fearlessly fathoming their fears at their deepest levels, they must  find ways to access the strength to summon up their greatest heights of possibility.

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It is at this cutting edge that these future warriors will decide if they want to leap off the precipice and perish or fly.

So let’s see how, like the power seekers who follow Imre Vallyon in his manual   Heavens and hells of the Mind, let’s see exactly how these young TT  dare-devils will deal with the steel-band flag woman who says it all with her  flag waving and he waist swinging  as she wines dong low on the Savannah stage on Panorama Finals night, singing:

Yuh Think Yuh Could Handle Mih?

It’s in this connection that we respectfully ask our always well-intentioned people to examine the possibilities of this noble venture as a big step in solving the problem of Crime which is the most worrisome  bug bear in our otherwise very progressive society.

In this way, we should be able to move forward in an unfettered manner. It’s then – and only then – that we should be able to comprehensively take on the noble goals we have set for ourselves as an esteemed people, including the plan to have the United Nations HeadQuarters re-sited in Sweet T+T.

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