Keith Glad but Gary Sad in Isolation

The most impressing thing about any form of isolation will most likely be the kind of effect it has on the isolated person or subject, if you like. But this will surely have to come out of a very personal judgement based on the individual’s experience.
Take Keith Rowley, an ordinary, robust guy when out of government clothes, who would most likely feel a great sense of relief and freedom if dragged away from the hue and cry of official responsibility for a few days.

One can only imagine the kind of sheer abandon this Tobagonian can experience as his bare chest braves the waves of his favourite beach in Tobago where he may be caught happily pulling seine in the early morning with fishermen or knocking down a crab and dumpling and unabashedly licking his fingers.
Oh! What a time of gay abandon for a man who has been boxed in by the pressure of public office for so long! Welcome, Covid 19 Isolation!

Can the same be said for Gary Griffith at this point in time?
Ever tenacious and committed to his job as Police Commissioner, Gary took to his career like a duck to water and never looked back, appearing to give his all.
Because of his obvious success in obtaining results which had not been previously forthcoming , “Double G” would have felt a sense of tangible satisfaction in his work as was obvious – not only in the many accolades heaped upon him by the public – but also in the way he puffed his chest out and walked the land like a benevolent king strutting his kingdom.

In that case, it might have been this great “tabanca” that caused him to hurry back from a few weeks approved leave to recover his desk which Deputy Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob was put charge of in his absence.

For surely, no one would expect the fearless crime fighter Gary to be worried about a few rumours flying about as regards his alleged generous issuance of Firearms Users Licence to a select few.
This is the same Commissioner who has harangued the Judiciary over their slowness in passing laws to help him fight crime. Griffith even pelted some darts at Prime Minister Rowley (the man who led the charge for his appointment as Commissioner of Police) when, in a fit of frustration, he let his mouth shoot off at rapid pace in criticism of the country’s chief executive.

Now isolated in left field, Gary Griffith faces a very different picture as he tries to navigate his way through the same legal system that had been such a bugbear before.
Another curious dimension to this whole issue, as some innocent by standers point out, is the alacrity and enthusiasm with which opposition elements such as Senator Wade Mark and Dr Roodal Moonilal have jumped up in apparent defence of the same Gary who – like TV Show Host Ian Alleyne – has been promising to “hunt “ them down.

How come, many people are asking, can such opposition elements suddenly find time and space to ask questions about Gary to the extent that they are now seeming to be on GG’s side?
As awkward as the statements made by National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds might have been, they do raise a few eyebrows about Griffith’s haste to protect “turf”.
In the same vein, some people find it passing strange that he could not wait out the rest of his time before returning to office, even though there was this worrying situation of him acting in a position he was waiting to be interviewed for.

Now that the President has been called upon to intervene the big question must be: What now?
It’s from this kind of confusions that Prime Minister Rowley would most likely be glad to be blessed with isolation from a world of smiling cobras which he has become used to over his some 40 years in politics.

As for Gary Griffith, it’s no small wonder that he must now be standing lonely in isolation as the powers that be take the opportunity to examine him thoroughly from a privileged distance to see whether he truly deserves to be re-appointed to his beloved office.
As the days and nights pass drearily by, the fearless top cop may want to consider retreating to Mt St Benedict where, in more comforting isolation, he can find solace and hope for redemption from an authority that is far superior to the mere mortals here who want to give him so much trouble.

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