Keith’s High Balancing Act

It might have been  mere coincidence, but Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar could not have chosen a better time than now to use House Speaker Bridgette Annisette-George to move a ‘No Confidence’ motion  against the PNM government. 

After all, for  those who know about spirits flying loose in various cycles , this is the fifth-anniversary year time for the smiling ghost of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning to “wheel and come again”

This phenomenon is not at all lost by the Mason Hall man who is reputed to be very familiar with another place in Tobago in called Le Coteaux, a name which sends shivers up the spine of people in various parts of the entire twin-island state.

It’s been rumoured – as these things often go – that Manning himself was a victim of the Le Coteau jumbie which delivered a spirit lash that, at the height of  his illustrious career, he fell from a height and never recovered again.

Yet even as these strange notions keep occupying the vacant minds of the uneducated and ignorant, it is left to the respected scientists to retreat into their inner sanctums and  seek formulas for COVID 19 and Le Coteaux jumbies with the help of  masters and doctors who float in lower and upper degrees of the inner world.

Which is why, despite the apparently rough condition in which they abide, the “bad boys and dunce girls” of Laventille, Sea Lots and East Port of Spain are staying quite healthy despite the COVID 19 threat looming over their pants with their waist precariously hanging over the cracks in their bottoms.

Ironically, even as big countries confidently begin opening up their borders and bars, the mighty New York is again turning backward on itself as dire warnings arise about yet another Variant startingto surge in “The Big Apple”

What is one to do in a situation where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t?


Change Your Mind


           Yet another Creative Project Idea by Rudolph Williams

Submitted to the Ministry of National Security without ever receiving  an Acknowledgement


How come all these scientific experts and professionals of international standing have not been able to make the simple-minded deduction that no matter what we do, no matter the vaccine we develop, that nothing will happen and that COVID will prevail in some form or another?

This does not seem  different from the Swine Flu or HIV or Polio which continue to co-exist  with us in a manner where we keep hanging in a healthy balance between health and  wellness and expect the best in the worst of times. It this the kind of mischief which the confident looking little Indian lady called Kamla  is working against Rowley in her big downstairs where there’s room for 1000 pundits  to jharay the PNM leader and sing bhajans for him to be safely deposited in a place outside the Red House after he has lost his mind like Manning?

Very aware of the possibilities and trying hard to counter these demonic measures without appearing to do so, Rowley and his crew have been pelting their own darts and performing their own rituals in opposition to the Opposition. 

Observe how House Leader Camille Robinson-Regis keeps pushing her  bald head forward to keep blocking for Rowley by trying to muscle in extra time for her Leader  to grab the advantage of  an  extra  lap  in a transparently amateur move  which Kama saw like an eagle in the sky peering down at the small bird in the field.

Then there’s the thing about Keith speaking last. This move served to bring up old reminders of  the time when, after he himself had completed  a long and commanding statesman’s  presentation in Parliament about his work in the  Ministry of Housing –   Lo and behold!

Prime Minister Manning broke all protocols and literally jumped out of his seat to eclipse his Junior’s 30-minutes-of-glory by speaking for another 45 minutes to diss  Rowley in the Lower House. 

One can only wonder how today’s House Speaker Bridgette Annisette-George would have reacted to similar histrionics by her dear Prime Minister Rowley.                                   

In any case,  no one will believe – at the rate we’re going –  that our revenues are surging remarkably because we had perhaps unwittingly underestimated our expected oil income in this year’s budget.

The important question being justifiably raised by the Opposition however, is: Where is all this money being spent? After all, the Minister of Finance still keeps talking about shortfalls and passing bills to borrow more and more money as if intended to force us into a state of absolute financial constipation.

Many people are also wondering where we are going and, in this scenario, will Keith Rowley have to go when the dust clears and the bullets stop flying?

By the time the COVID 19 virus  works itself into manageable social proportions and we realize that we alone are responsible for solving this problem, what will be our options?

Shall we turn to the government whose bright leaders have been fooling us like bottom feeders at the treasure trough? Or shall we send them to pasture with a good kick from the  boots  at Cheers bar, St James, where we have had to suffer from thirst and hunger for too long – only to now  find ourselves left with big holes in our overlapping stomachs and our fat pockets.

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