Last Hurrah!

And now, the coast is clear, I have to face a next election

My friends, I have no fear, it’s one more time, to talk corruption

You see, what they tell me, it’s only more and more confusion

So you will hear from far and wide,  how I does function


If I’m so bad, then tell me why, she still pullin up at my dhoti

Is it because, in all her tugs, she cannot find a proper totee

She call me names, I have to say, my mammy never even tell me

And so, you have to know, I’m no Oreo


For what does it take, if the man oil fake

It not me

Who called the boss

How could I know, that she could show

To Mr Jack her groomed golf course

What does it take

For one to fall

For a booteeeeee call


You know, I is a man

Who never ran away from duty

And so, I wouldn’t lie

I took at glance 

At de Carnival baytee

It was in South

I had no doubt

I wouldah lick the thing in one fling

Yet papers never see Sharon

Next to me   


It is a trend, I have to bend

How she get so tie up in the den  

Especially when, she’s no done see

Is she who beat out Bazdeo bamsee

How come this time

With time to wine

Is me she call and offered up all

But no, I close my shop

No more buss-up-shot


I face googly, I face Yorker, I even face 

Balls for my daughter

Is I who see

No one told me

Gun slingers playing  with Al Rawi

I take the licks, I watched the tricks

Nobody knows or have some mercy

Is I, de bobolee, enjoying your the party


For what is a man, what has he got

If not his stones, then he has not

The balls to play the game to win

Or else he’ll know that he

Is a small pin

The record shows

Is I alone who taking all the kiss-me-arse blows

Dah is y Ah doin it

My Way!


Readers and followers are invited to big up the culture by adding verses as you see fit to carry this fun project forward at a time in our country’s history where we need all the humour and la couray we can get to help us get over this tough time in good physical and mental health.

No rules abide in this ring without ropes and referees except Tan Tan and saga Boy wining o the ground under the supervision of Peter the black man who inspired Stalin to come back from Hell.

…. And how would you like to take part in a Performance on screen – like “America’s Got Talent” – with prizes to boot?

Let’s get this show on the road!

Enquiries:  Telephone (868)-687-0289

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