Listen to the Deafening Echo of Rowley Pounding “Docile” Kamla with his PNM Hammer in spaces Where Shots of Murder Shatter the Silence

What yellow demon could have dazzled the mind of T+T’s usually straight-thinking PM Dr Keith Rowley to make him suddenly kilkitay on the Morvant stage last Tuesday May 24 and hammer Opposition Kamla Persad-Bissessar  leader to a pulp?

And why were the  alarm bells of our churches silent  as media reports  simultaneously flew fast and furious about citizens pumping hot bullets into the bodies of their brothers and sisters, as if seeking to destroy the soul of this fragile little nation?

POLICE are investigating the death of Stephen Ramoutar, who was killed at George Village, Tableland on Monday night. Newsday

The  parallel that easily offered itself between  Rowley’s symbolic public humping of de nice lil Indian ‘oman, to the delight of his PNM bottom feeders, quickly caused a  buzz among a number of political watchers.

They were wondering  if  Tobago’s  Ah Wee Boy had unwittingly denied himself a golden opportunity to show his most regal, statesmanlike qualities by beating the demure-looking-battle-axe into a mish mash. 

The humorous irony of this not really big Great is the PNM!  Balisier show therefore, is that the smallest school child here knows by now that it’s  the female battle Axe Kamla  who shall prevail after Keith’s futile political wines.

That’s because he’s dealing with a Siparia bumper with more than enough oil in the coil to take the kind of licks that Baron sang about  Shorty and his experience with a young woman many years ago.

And he lick she! He lick she!

It was lick to  she mouth

Lick to she waist

He lick out piece ah she Peyton Place!  
 In hindsight therefore, is it possible that the wily KPB – who seems to upswing into an increasingly ecstatic poise when taunting her favourite thin-skinned Oreo – deliberately set up Keith to explode into a ball of self-consuming fire by deliberately attacking his newest protege’ in such a vicious manner?

Although she offered herself as fair enemy jail bait by her seemingly unwarranted (but politically legitimate) attacks on the young, recently appointed Youth Minister Foster Cummings, the consummate female poker-face player of T+T politics must have 

delighted to see how she got the PM to lose his cool and behave – as Patrick Manning once described him – like a raging bull gone mad over an issue easily explained in a reasonable, civilized conversation.

So with his ever cooperative, genuflecting   Deputy Political Leader and Women’s League Chairman appearing to squirm in her seat as he beat Kamla like a Good Friday Bobolee, Rowley would have fallen into the trap of a wajang who has comfortably taken on men who were big – or perhaps even bigger!-  than him over the years, and discarded them in the dustbin of political history.

Woman shot dead in bed in Champs FleursTrinidad Express May 24, 2022 

In that regard, consider the following question: Where are the following jefes of local politics now?

Jack Warner – Clutching to the coat tail of the  T+T Attorney General’s office in apparent  hope that the US authorities will miraculously  hold their hand on his deportation to that country to face FIFA corruption charges;

Basdeo Panday – Probably spending his forced retirement time playing with his mandolin and reading  old Indian classics;

Dr Suruj Rambachan – Now sporting a re-designed flat belly, he’s surely finding something constructive to do while  running scared now that Rowley has set the police to look for him  for information in the scandalous involving nearly TT$1 Billion of taxpayers’ money in the Point Fortin Highway construction project;

Dr Roodal Moonilal MP – Another newly emerged six-packer who’s constantly looking over his shoulder for lawmen to visit him for updates on  his work with the EMBD (Estate Management Development Company Limited) where he has been named as a person of great interest; and

Dr Tim Gopeesingh – One politician who  continues to reassuringly appear (with Moonilal) on Kamla’s UNC’s political forums while continuing his private practice as a medical doctor.

Police are trying to understand how a man’s body ended up in the back seat of a woman’s parked car in Morvant between Thursday morning and Friday afternoon.

So it’s not just a case of Rowley Fiddling while T+T Burns or Who have more corn can feed more fowl, so much as

Time Longer than Twine and 

Water More than Flour!

Stay Tuned for the Next Episode of Overheating Keith and the Young and Bruteless Kamla 

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