Look at the Good Things That Happen When Brave Men Step up to the Plate

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Most ordinary people don’t like former T+T Police Commissioner Gary Griffith for some of his ways, and understandably so. They say he’s over full of his short self ; he’s vain; he’s pompous, a big show off,  and he doesn’t respect authority. 

Despite these weaknesses, the man has gained the respect of many citizens because of his unenviable track record as a warrior who stands up against the authorities in a do or die situation.

In this regard, Double G, as he was once called, set a gold standard for those who need an example of how integrity can defeat bottom feeding in the battle to provide the best service as a reflection of the highest tenets of the democratic republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

This is the kind of nourishment which the school children can delightfully glean from  the stories stamped in their history and sociology books, if we are to be assured that the nation continues to move positively forward into a bright future.

Whatever love we have for Griffith, let’s always remember that, in a number of cases, he really went overboard. After all, how could you go about insulting the Prime Minister in public over his comments suggesting doubts about his choice of Griffith as Commissioner of Police? 

The PM had chosen to ignore the large number of nay sayers and instead put his head on the block for you. And there you were, ungrateful and forgetful egotist, blasting him for standing up for you!

That said, Gary Griffith is still a figure of utmost importance in this country for a number of reasons, including:

  • He provides a great boost for the image of T+T as a strong, healthy working democracy at a time when many critics are pushing the head that Rowley and his PNM (People’s National Movement) are a pack of dictators;
  • Citizens can feel a sense of empowerment that they are in charge of how their country is taking shape; 
  • In this context, the population can have a listening for the messages from sector leaders such as Energy Minister Stuart Young and Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales when they make the case for reducing subsidies and making sacrifices, and
  • This should go a long way in promoting stability in the social, political and labour sectors of the country.
  • In this connection, it will be a source of both comfort and encouragement for us to compare prices and the cost of living here with the so called “developed” countries.

While teachers and other public workers are striking in France and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was kicked out of office following a revolt by ministers over his leadership,  the T+T government continues to be generous in keeping subsidies at a reasonable level despite risking public  unpopularity in the middle of a windfall in world oil and energy prices.

One local businessman who recently returned from Miami, wryly pointed out that the price of a litre of gasoline at the pump there was US$7.00 approximately, which converts to about TT$45.00 here.

Carrie Johnson, the wife of the PM, listens to her husband give his resignation speech outside No 10 Downing Street.

“But in Sweet T+T, I am paying the disgustingly low price of TT$7.00 per litre or thereabouts and, guess what, people are still complaining”, he said.

It’s no wonder therefore  that the Mighty Sniper was able to sing a calypso which has resonated since 1962 which includes these words:

Trinidad is I my land

And of it I am proud and glad

But I can’t understand

Why some people does talk it bad

All of them who running their mouth

Don’t know what they talking ‘bout

They will paint here black every day

But the right things the will never say

So whether he’s found challenging the President, the Prime Minister and the Police Service Commission to try and get his old job back; or whether he’s leading a new political party with the overambitious goal of replacing the PNM in government, Gary Griffith can only be good news for T+T.

For, like Peter Minshall’s  Saga Boy and other outstanding characters dancing on the big the Savannah stage which will be the centre of attention

  •  In Tobago this week;
  • The Trinidad launch on November 30; and 
  • The big show in February 2023;
  •  Gary Griffith can also be expected to play the biggest Mas of his life, all in service to a people who are always ready to 
  • appreciate good entertainment.

So let’s enjoy the show while it lasts!

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