Of Old Men And Naughty Girls

Of Old Men And Naughty Girls

Port of Spain – March 10, 2020

by Harum Scarum

My friend Batman, 73, fell into some banter with the much younger (about 40)  female visitor to  the sick woman on the bed  next to his sister’s whom he was checking out  at the General Hospital one afternoon and, in keeping with the mood of the moment, they exchanged numbers.

At about 2.30 the next morning, Batman  experienced a shock in  his  tranquil  world as a resident in the home-for-the-aged when his phone rang and the woman was at the other end.


“I want you to know that I’m in a special  position here right now and I’m feeling for you”, she announced.

This Batman event is just one of a multitude of examples in the scenario where younger women are targeting male old -age pensioners to whom they offer  “a good time”  in exchange for  “a helping hand”.

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Many of these men are attractive prospects to young women who are counting the old man’s  money as they anticipate his receiving NIS (National Insurance Scheme benefits) of about TT $2,000.00 in mid-month and/or Pension of about $3,500.00 at month end.

These sophisticated  hustlers would have also assessed the old man’s situation : he has  most likely paid off for his house; the children are big and gone; he has a fair amount of spending cash on a regular basis.

Sugar Daddy

In the predatory eyes of these “naughty girls”,    their  prospective “sugar daddy “: may be living alone; nothing exciting is happening between him and his old woman  who’s  fed up of seeing him in the house anyway; he’s lonely and vulnerable; he could surely do with some young, stimulating company – and, most of all,  he feels he has  still got it!           

Very disturbingly,  some of these women can be very dangerous. Ask Huey who went with this attractive young  woman who habitually visited the place where he stayed, and had a disagreement with her about money – after the act.

A few nights later the cameras caught her and two young men scaling Huey’s fence and bolting into the building in search of  the pensioner who, fortunately for him, could not be found.

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Photo by Caleb Ekeroth

Some old men are not so lucky. A female friend of mine was walking down Frederick Street, Port of Spain  when an old man in a state of obvious distress, approached her with a paper in his hand,  desperately looking for a sympathetic listener.

“How can I tell my wife this?”,the old man broke into tears as he showed my friend the government document stating he was HIV Positive. Then came the part where old men show how they can  get so trapped in the grand  illusion set up by Delilah, that  they’ll believe anything.

“And she tell me I was she  only man!”, the old man blurted out in disappointed pain at this “betrayal” (as he understood it) by  his young, curvaceous, innocent-looking “darling”.

It seems too that  many old men are prone to seeing themselves in a capacity that is diametrically opposite to how women see and experience them. One has heard a number of sideways comments from young women who use terms such as “ He’s just a  “roll-on-roll-off”, or “ He’s only mouth” or “He just plain dead”.


Comments like this mean  nothing to old men such as  Pancho, the retired oil-field worker-turned taxi-driver in south who hooked  up with a young woman and found himself having  a real good time.

“And she tell me I could give them young fellas ah lotta trouble!”, he boasted excitedly to his old lady big sister who just quietly smiled. Pancho happily passed away a few months later.

Nellie, an experienced older woman working in an advertising agency, was far more brutal. When the young executive Pablo observed  their boss X, a dapper older man, leaning closely in conversation with K,  his secretary,  he (Pablo)  slyly told Nellie that  the  old boss  was in a good place since he seemed to be  hitting K.

This is the description

Photo by Huy Phan

“Hit what!”, Nellie said in exasperation. ”X can’t hit nothing!” Now that’s stating it directly.

Some old men who  seem to have had their share of women and experience   in their lifetime, may well  have their act together  when it comes to dealing with  these young female “players” looking to ” tie your foot” and milk your money for a few fleeting moments of pleasure.

My friend Batman from the Hospital encounter, for example, continued visiting his sick sister at the hospital and kept speaking  to the young lady  but in a more deferential manner, never mentioning the incident. She quietly backed  off and they retained a casual relationship.  


But that doesn’t mean that Batman is not interested in the exciting possibilities of having it out with a younger woman. It’s just that, as far as he is concerned, this one was “too aggressive”.

Yet for many others, they’ll continue to misread the signals from these young  snake-oil saleswomen who see them simply as  magnetic prey for the kill, but  to whom these same old men, in turn,  keep happily running like willing lambs to the slaughter.


Publisher’s Note: This is not fiction. These people and incidents are all real. Names have been changed to protect the identities of the living and the dead.

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  1. Smh. It’s unfortunate that this is true. At the same time, I can’t be upset with someone who wants to feel wanted and desired. It’s just human…and as long as you’re human you’re vulnerable.

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