Oh My Pappa

Many Caribbean men who usually access Trinidad and Tobago trumpeter Errol Ince to re-create  the Father they had lost in their personal experience, may be mildly surprised at the precious gift which has suddenly become available  with revelations of the difficult events overcome by  the same man whose soaring notes had given comfort to so many in the hardest of times.

Trinidad and Tobago Archivist Ronald C Emritt informs us that Etrol Ince was born on March 10, 1938 in Trinidad and received his education at the Tacarigua Orphanage (St. Mary’s Children’s Home) where he learned to play the trumpet.

“From 1953 1954, he played 1st Trumpet with many big bands in T&T and recorded with many calypsonians, including the Mighty Sparrow. He became the bandleader of the Errol Ince Music Makers in 1959 and, in 1961, left Trinidad for England where he joined the army and, upon completion of his service, became a full-time trumpeter”

. He went on to play with many of the leading European bands and was voted the Best Jazz trumpet player in Europe from 1968 to 1972, performing with Cliff Richards, The Tornadoes, and Rolph Harris, and touring Liberia with the Herman Wilson Jazz Ensemble.

 He returned to Trinidad for a while where he was the musical arranger for calypsonians, such as the Might Sparrow and Black Stalin, and composed “Sweet Soca Man” which was made popular by Baron.

The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

He later left for New York where he played with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and the Sam Rivers Orchestra. He returned home again in 1979 and began a solo career at Kitchener’s Calypso Tent until 1981 when he restarted the Music Makers before they disbanded in 1983.

Ince  continued on the solo scene playing at the calypso tents and appearing with musicians chosen for Calypso Monarch and Dimanche Gras shows. His albums include: Dance Trinidad (1958); I Hear A Call (1978); Oh My Papa (1981); and Errol Ince and Friends (1986).

One of the major contradictions now sweeping across the local landscape, as identified by former National Security official Garvin Heerah

is the frightening rate and range at which young men are assassinating their fathers for sins yet unspoken and unknown.

Police Superintendent Rishi Singh assigned to the Homicide Bureau expanded on this problem.

‘Homicide officers have discovered a new trend in killings where victims are targeted for their inheritance, not just from loved ones but from strangers with help from officials at financial institutions”, Singh revealed at an Awards Ceremony this weekend. 

He warned citizens to be vigilant.

At the ceremony,  five officers were commended for their diligence in solving a murder case that took place in Tobago three years ago. In that killing the childhood friend of the Prime Minister, John Mills, 70, and his common-law wife Eulyn John, 61 were found dead by Mills’s nephew on May 2, 2019, at their Cocrico Avenue, Buccoo home.

The couple had been strangled one day after Mills celebrated his birthday.

Two men Nicholas Davis, 28, of Sou Sou Lands, Tobago and Antonio Riykja McEachnie, 30, of Laventille, are charged with murdering the couple.

 “What we observed was that a financial asset based in a particular institution was accessed by fraudulent means and that asset would have now become payable to an individual who would not have necessarily been connected to a particular person.”, Singh revealed.

It therefore staggers the mind to acknowledge that the old values by which families have bonded over the years can now be overturned to feed a culture where the  very children  brought up to be good citizens are now turning on their fathers and mothers to benefit from bloody murder.

“Dangerously antisocial individuals usually kill their And while it’s comforting that the vast majority of our youths are seriously committed to maintaining the values they have learned at school, home and the workplace, it’s the miniscule number of deviants who are causing a great deal of disruption to the peace of mind of the vast majority. 

Why do children kill their parents?

A report by  Joyce Lupiani of ABC 13 KTNV Las Vegas dated June 10, 2021 stated that in 2017, there were a total of 15, 129 murder victims in the United States. Among those victims, 169 were mothers and 186 were fathers who were killed by their children.

Parricide is also predominantly committed by adult, middle-class, white males without any history of prior criminal acts. Parricides committed by females are very rare.

Additionally, parricide offenders are usually younger than the age of 30 but over the age of 18. And, there is usually some history of mental illness parents because they see them as an obstacle to a goal or desire”, the report stated.

Although we have not seen any official long term report on this problem as Superintendent Singh has identified, we suspect it will be rooted in Alienation – and all the attendant problems known to come along with this very worrying development.

Meantime, we can take a good example from trumpeter Errol Ince who showed how man can find his finest hour by  surmounting  the challenges of growing up fatherless in an orphanage.

And even  as the Summer Solstice reaches its highest point within the next 24 hours on earth’s cosmic journey in this part of the world, let this man of great substance be a source of inspiration and encouragement to boys and men who- despite the constant cutting down inflicted by the small minority of social destroyers – still place a high value on the sacred cherished memories of whoever they held in high esteem as Pappa  on yet another Happy Father’s Day!

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