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“Life teaches you to believe that it is real.” says Paramahansa Yogananda in ‘The Divine Romance”.
As the twin-island Caribbean microstate of Trinidad and Tobago stands tall like a giant and shines bright like a diamond in its fifty-ninth year of Independence, the lesson to be learnt as a nation evolving its own separate reality is a very difficult one.
For the mere 1.4 million people of perhaps the most diversified ethnic moorings squashed unceremoniously in a tiny place, nationhood may be more of a cause for wonder in terms of sheer abundance and prosperity as opposed to a cause for fear and lack.

It’s the kind of magical stuff which prompted Funny to sing:

So I tell them, sweet, sweet Trinidad, fus I love this country bad
I doh want to leave at all ever since I small
Look I bawling, sweet, sweet Trinidad! Brother, fus I feeling glad
When I dead, please bury me in the center of the city.

So what kind of place could this be where Radical Muslims yearn to go to Kabul and fight to the death there even as Biden weeps in regret over the passing of 13 US service members and rushes to get all his people out fast?

For many who have been through pandemics of various kinds during their long years of various experiences, government’s stance – coming from a Prime Minister who has come through the trenches of the colonial journey to Independence – government’s stance is most surprising and irritating.
“What was Biden thinking?”.

This comment from someone who has worked in Afghanistan is reflective of the same kind of dismay expressed by veterans here who know how to brace their shoulders to the wheel and face the challenge.
That is the stuff we are made of, they say – in oil, in sugar, in agriculture, in trade, in the steel band.

We are winners, movers, shakers and wealth generators.
So how could a supposed warrior like Rowley let himself be bamboozled into becoming the victim of this COVID 19 racket designed by the “ world” to make sure all ambitious young nations lose sight of their dreams and retreat into the comfort zone of the coward, the wimp, the loser?

“Walking in the mall and visiting the stores, I could see the extent to which people’s spirits are broken”
Kama Maharaj – MD Sacha Cosmetics Facebook August 30, 2021

This is the question on the lips of all the brave men and women: like businessman Kama Maharaj whose Sacha Cosmetics is making an impression on the world. And Derek Chin, the entrepreneur who has been establishing Movie Townes in various parts of the Caribbean.

Chin: Cinema closures ‘unfounded’

Mon Aug 30 2021


Businessman Derek Chin says cinemas and other entertainment spaces are under pressure with the extended lockdowns and he wants Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to reopen the sector.


Chin, who described the current situation as “ill-conceived,” said: “We are very much under pressure. Over 3,500 persons are grossly affected.


“We have been closed for a significantly long time, 112 days in 2021 and 194 days in 2020.”


Chin said there is no scientific data or any incidence of COVID-19 cases emanating from a visit to a cinema.

“Unfounded closures because of an ill-conceived notion that cinemas are causes of COVID spread. That has not been the case,” he said.


For many who are gasping for air , if not dead already, these draconian and unnecessary moves may be simply a reflection of Keith Rowley’s own embedded fears based on a personality of trauma coming out of the colonial childhood where the colour of his skin was the predominant factor to push him forward for a strong education but at  the same time be also the dark shadow that dragged him back always.


 Phillip Edward Alexander,

           Facebook                 August 30, 2021

When Texaco was in T+T


It’s about leadership

Texaco was being run by  a foreign entity, there were 26 managers for the ENTIRE operation, from extracting the crude to filling your tank and putting vaseline in your hair.

Trintoc was in Pointe-a- Pierre, Trintopec was ion Santa Flora etc,

When you drove through these areas there was not a blade of grass higher than two inches and not a rust spot on a tank.

We were ranked as the third wealthiest nation in the western hemisphere.

The PNM came and take over and nationalising everything.

The “authorities” put everything in one basket, called it “Petrotrin”, had 278 managers and that’s when it we went to hell.


It’s in this context that observers who have been studying the  behaviour of black leaders, have sought to explain that it is really  Rowley the man who keeps intruding uninvited into official situations to nip at his own Achilles Heel as if it is his duty to do.

That’s how they note that while he is keeping a reasonably stern hold on the TT Ship in these crucial times,  his jumping out of the blue to talk about grooming a woman’s golf course or asking women not to blame him for being in their bedroom, is how he manages to keep being bitten by his “own flea”.

This may be the reason why – especially taking into account the nasty and treacherous personal attack by  Vernella Alleyne-Toppin in Parliament  –  Rowley appears to have been unable to shake off these trappings of  a wolf in sheep clothing,  a label which is conveniently exploited by certain people in the media.

Nor have some of  Dr Rowley’s apparently spontaneous explosive remarks about Opposition Leader Kamal Persad Bissessar helped, even if there may be more in the mortar than her pestle.

 After all, she’s a woman, a mother and a grand-mother. And so, Keith should learn to cool his temper and pick his fights on that one. 

As a professional politician who made it to Prime Minister after decades in the struggle, many people are dismayed that Rowley could so easily forget that Kamla represents the Hindu Indian population which comprises nearly half of the electorate whose support he  needs to ensure victory in a number of key constituencies when elections come around.

Constantly taunted by the Opposition as part of their smear campaign against him,  Rowley does not appear to have extricated himself from this negative label, as he too often shows that the  Kamla is getting under his collar in a naughty manner – and enjoying it!

That’s why she successfully poked him with her “Oreo” remark and the “Black man”  morphing into a “Blank man”

 And yet,  even some sympathisers, supporters and friends have at times found themselves desperately pulling Keith back from the kind of awkward situations which many leaders can find themselves enticed into on the campaign trail  – not forgetting that on many occasions the tasty-looking gift is presented to the leader on a golden platter.

The unfortunate fact is that , while these sidebars are par for the political course, it is used as another weapon in the armoury of haters waiting to shoot down a man who has done remarkably well in academia, in life and in politics and who deserves to be highly praised and admired rather than pilloried and torn down.

So what can Independence really mean to the people of this beautiful nation being led by a pied piper who appears to be severely hampered by the negative shadow of his own self-destructive colonial history?

In a recent interview with former UNC Minister Bhoe Tewarie, Rowley confidently disclosed that he has no intention of leaving office and that he will be around for a while.

We are left to wonder at this statement as he continues on this illusory idea of the emperor with no clothes riding a chariot of glory to nowhere with his bottom feeders spreading  Balizier flowers in the road ahead of him.

In such a situation, many a leader has fallen on his own sword because, as in the case of the recent shocking  Tobago House of Assembly elections, many  people obviously felt they were being taken granted.

So, it may just be a matter of time therefore before the sleepy-eyed- looking but ever-alert people of   independent Trinidad and Tobago decide to rise up and take matters into their own hands as regards “Tobago Ah We Boy” Prime Minister Dr Keith Christopher Rowley  once and for all.

We just have to wait and see.

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