Orisha Dolls For Secret Powers

Embedded in the tapestry of the busy Chaguanas town centre is a place where a woman of  special hidden powers is quietly designing figurines emanating from the ideas and pictures that fly around in her heart, mind and soul to emerge as dolls representing the deepest, inner meaning and intention of the Orisha faith.

How does she do it? The distinguished townswoman who looks much younger than the grandmother of two that she really is, cautiously tries to explain but the words find a hard time in coming out.

“I simply see and feel the images of my ancestors and my deities circling in through my being and, out of the apparent chaos, I grasp for the reality that I am told will help bring back order in this very troubled world”, she blurts out.

Do you sell your stuff?A number of people come from far and wide and  put in requests for dresses which  – while actually based on Orisha configuration – can be worn at various ceremonies, provided the celebrant conducts herself or himself in a manner that shows the respect due to the deity. Otherwise they can see real trouble.

On many occasions, she encounters a person who she instinctively senses, is in need of the protective covering of a certain spirit and proceeds to make the outfit  without looking for payment. “It’s about giving your all from your spirit in the context of Love and Appreciation”, says this comely child of Oshun whose cheeks glow with an alluring smile.

To contact the Orisha doll maker, you may call 868-714-3227.

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