Owen Shade A Business Musician Inspired by Jesus


Owen Shade

A Business Musician

Inspired by Jesus

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Since  the first heard the voice of Jesus as a teenager living in rural Sangre Grande, east Trinidad decades ago, Owen Shade has been using his connection with his higher spiritual guide in the conduct of his life as a gospel music businessman throughout the years.

Owen’s first interest in music was sparked by his experience at the Persto Praesto  Youth Camp  where he went through resident training for two years and was exposed to music.

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He also recalled how at  a service held at the Pentecostal church in his neighbourhood, the pastor asked the congregation to listen to what God wanted them to do for them and, as for Owen, he heard the voice of Jesus say “Owen, I want you to sing for me”.


In his passion, Owen enrolled in classes to learn music and took voice training – only to find himself frustrated by the discovery that he was tone-deaf and found great difficulty in distinguishing notes.

How could he pursue this course which he loved so dearly and not be able to assemble notes at a basic level? Owen prayed long and hard for the  answer which came at about three o’clock one morning when, as he recalls, Jesus came and healed him.

“ After about six months of praying, I had a dream which seemed very real to me where I saw Jesus come through the door and asked me what was my  problem and I touched my ear. Jesus in turn  touched me and, after a few days, I realized that I was no longer tone deaf! I could hear like a normal person and could pursue my career in music”

Since then, Owen’s life has been one of working  in  the range of disciplines in the gospel music field as a back-up singer,  teacher, composer, individual performing artiste, provider of  musical accompaniment for artistes and, today, the owner and operator of his own sound studio.

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Among the highlights of his career is a seven-year stint in Costa Rica  where he worked as an individual artiste  with different churches, producing two albums in the process.

He won the Trinidad and Tobago Local Gospel Song Competition in 1999 as a composer and as overall winner of the competition. And he provided musical accompaniment for a several gospel singers including the well-known Nicole Ballosingh and Sterling Gittens.

Owen was a music teacher at St Gabriel’s Girls RC School for five years from 2003 – 2008.

Seated comfortably in the cool atmosphere of his business studio called  In Shade Productions at Patna Street, St James, Port of Spain, Owen Shade’s way of being is a state of confident calm built on an enduring foundation of his spiritual relationship with Jesus whom he started a relationship with so many years ago.


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Inside the Creation of New Music (From Wikipedia Commons, the free media depository)

“This business is a  very uncertain nature, especially in these tight economic times”, he observes. “Yet – after four years here at St James and a few years earlier at Freeport, central Trinidad – I am making a decent living. My business is strong and I am staying in the game”

Apart from the various services associated with a sound studio such as In Shade productions, Owen also gives  music  lessons.

At this rate, Owen Shade’s success seems assured since he found a friend in Jesus.

Owen Shade can be contacted at Telephone:  (868)-682-2449 or Email Address: mainhomestudio@gmail.com.

The address of In Shade Productions is #2 Patna Street, Long Circular Road, St James, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.


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