PNM Bound to Win as long as Kamla Leading the Opposition, Ent?

Whatever concerns citizens might have been harbouring of the political future of  of long-absent Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley,  have now  been dissed by the victory of Kamla Persad Bissessar’s “Star” posse at the UNC’s (United National Congress) internal elections for a number of reasons, including:

  • Report of a low turn-out at the polls indicate a lack of enthusiasm by the party’ yellow followers to come forward and support the group which they feel will serve the country better in government.

This is especially significant  in  the context of Local Government elections expected soon and the importance of  the UNC showing itself up as a strong group building up its forces with general elections in view in the next here years.

The big question for  many people on the fence therefore will be: what good is here to be found in a party offering itself as the alternative government but yet unable to  show a strong footing in your own little internal business? 

  • The way how the elections were conducted – with reports of  voter padding, coercion of voters, non-registered persons being allowed to vote et al – exposes the UNC as a dictatorial organization doomed to which will remain in the narrow confines of its ethnic territory.

Such an organization will not be able to attract new supporters in large enough  numbers on its own to beat the PNM, nor will it be able to draw the number of satellite opposition parties into a powerful synergy as was done by the NAR (National Alliance for Reconstruction)  to rout the PNM 33-3 in 1986.

  • The obvious dictatorship as practised by KPB guarantees that UNC people of promise will not grow, blossom and explode into the leaders that are vital to the evolution of any political party that’s serious about taking over the political reigns of a country.

Which means the UNC cannot be seen as a source of assurance to observers that here is a group that speaks to the future, especially the youths;

  • The shabby treatment given to senior member and former MP and Minister Dr Fuad Khan exposes the UNC as a chronically insecure group of limited thinkers who cannot accommodate new ideas and perspectives, including making use of those  treasure troves which are

available in the long experience and the lessons learned from hindsight in rare treasure troves such as Dr Khan, Dr Suruj Rambachan, Stacy Roopnarine, Vasant Bharat  and  Gary Griffith.

  • In pursuing its agenda of invective, spite, hate and total negativity, the Kamla Persad-Bissessar Opposition has not offered the populace an alternative to the PNM that they can hold up as a serious political option.

In fact, in continuing to pillory the PNM, the UNC has given the Rowley-led regime the opportunity to acknowledge a number of problems and  wheel and come again to offer a more palatable set of goods and services.

For example, watch how young Foster Cummings was able to ride on the back of former UNC candidate Jearlean John’s work with the youths in La Horquetta-Talparo and wrest the seat away from her in what many had seen as a  sure-win for the UNC trail-blazer.

It was in a similar vein that the Afro-Trini Jack Warner was able to form his own Independent Liberal  Party  within the bosom of  Kamla’s People’s Partnership government and win the  Indian-dominated  Chaguanas East seat by a convincing margin in that historic  bye-election of  2013.

  • Despite her lavish spending in areas which actually touched people in areas that matter (such as the Baby Grant, for example) KPB was unable to convince voters that she was a responsible leader willing to make unpopular decisions in the interest of the larger cause for the greater good.

In presenting herself as skittish on the dance floor, she lost the confidence of the people as one in whom they could place their trust for the long haul in tough times – as Rowley has been showing for some time.

  • Although she sought to meet people directly and made the huge round of walking and talking with citizens in a manner that showed a great measure of sincerity of purpose, Perad-Bissessar  suffered severely from the collateral damage which came with the  many scurrilous personal attacks on her as a woman in this macho society.

Such a wounded female warrior will find it exceedingly difficult to recover and come back fighting with an expectation  of victory in Sweet TT where a few women – such as Gene Miles –  are known to have had a frightening, bitter, deadly experience in politics.

  • Which is why UNC will remain in Opposition for years to come, unless their men  can summon up the testicular fortitude to send Kamla home and re-start the part from the ground up.

So Dr Rowley was right when he once said that he’s very happy to see Kamla in Opposition since he knows that, in this scenario, the PNM will always remain in power.

From the looks of things, therefore:

So said , So done!

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