PNM Poster Boy Stuart Taking the Fall For Rowley, Farris, Nelson and All Ah We

Valiantly refusing to buckle under the pressure caused by his noble stance in the Farris/Nelson Indemnity crisis while  his slippery legal counterpart hides behind the bottom of his protective sponsor, PM Rowley, Stuart Young is now a battle weary warrior who must be wondering if all this effort is worth it.

This internal trembling of faith belies the man who was recently caught energetically rushing between Parliament and the Annual Constituency Conference of his Port of Spain North/St Ann’s West Constituency, fully aware that there are imps in his Executive whom he himself once  identified as wanting to take him down.

For who would have thought that in the wake of the passing of former PNM (People’s National Movement) Political Leader and Prime Minister Patrick Manning, a senior Constituency member of extremely close family pedigree could find himself involved in a service in the very MP’s office?

More than that,  he was  anointed as The Chosen One by a new born pastor with hands on his head shouting: 

And Samuel Died!

I was there, live. True! True!

It may therefore be  precisely because of Stuart’s  basically clean, defensible  image that  UNC Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar and her band of political vampires have been sucking the blood of one who’s been  drinking medicine for other people’s fever, all with a Buddha like smile.

Which is the same manner in which the man of Chinese and Indian parentage would have treated an overtly off hand comment by John Benwar on the Saturday Morning Barber Shop Radio show describing him as “a man who likes your coffee black”.

What a hassle it must be to work to serve people in an environment where you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t, on both sides of the political and ethnic fence.

Interestingly, one of the major expected outcomes of this political debacle triggered by Farris Al Rawi in his role as Attorney General, is not so much whether Stuart Young will fall, but for  how much longer can PM Rowley keep hiding the new Local Government Minister from public scrutiny.

Like the UNC’s Saddam Hosein and Roodilal Moonilal who keep beating this drum on the political forums, PNM party insiders are now wondering if Farris is holding some secrets for Rowley, in order to enjoy such preferential treatment.

That’s because it’s not just the scandal involving the Jamaican Senior Council into which he has unceremoniously dragged in a number of legal big pappies and tied them up like a set of Sunday Market Crabs.

It’s the long list of previous thorny issues which the UNC will not leave alone, including:

  • The case of his children playing with guns on an army camp;
  • Huge rentals drawn from government properties through the office of his wife’s family , which Farris simply slips past by recusing himself dozens of times in Parliament; and
  • Sweet briefs given to his wife’s law firm.
  • In this connection therefore, Rowley might be accused of giving a sideways bligh to Al Rawi when, in December 2020, he defended the Rich in a CNC3 interview Natalie Legore by stating:
  • “We have to allow the rich to get richer…… people in this country can sometimes be too thin-skinned”.
  • He added:  ‘If people have to be employed, somebody has to employ them; they don’t employ themselves and pay themselves.  We asked the private sector and even the government—but put the government aside—the private sector to invest and spend money”

What may be of even more concern to observers, is the fact that this hunting down of Stuart Young is taking place in the midst of the PNM’s internal elections due in about two weeks  time, where Young has offered himself up for the extremely powerful position as Chairman of the party. His competitors are former national football player Kenneth Butcher and Farai Hove Masaisai, Attorney at Law.

In doing so, he has made himself a moving target for all who can easily discern that, under his veneer of the silent, smiling sufferer, your apparent young lamb waiting to be slaughtered may very well turn out to be a hard hearted’ lethal assassin ripping through any one who dares stand in his way, including Rowley, with who he’ll stand head and shoulders when he wins his post.

Or, as the Shouter Baptists like to sing:

John Saw Him Coming

John Saw Him Coming

John Saw Him Coming

All Robed in White!

What we know for sure, however , is that  whenever you see this Karate Black Belt ascending the PNM stage to sit next to the throne of his political leader, please remember the amount of tireless, hard work he put into the various jobs, impossible looking missions and tasks assigned to him by Rowley.

For like Shakespeare’s Cassius who was assessed by Caesar in Julius Caesar as

“Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look

He thinks too much

‘Such men are dangerous”

The now wise Rowley who knows  a leader when he sees one, will respectfully watch Stuart Young continue to gloriously soar upward on his destined flight path.

In this regard, we are left to wonder for how much longer Keith can keep tipping the tail of the Al Rawi comet until it burns his fingers and he is forced to let it tilt downward on its own heavy negative weight and come crashing down.

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