PNM’s Future in Good Hands

For those who  raised their eyebrows in  consternation  at the on-stage absence of People’s  Movement (PNM) Political Leader Dr Keith Rowley at the grand finale’ of the party’s series of internal elections in La Horquetta-Talparo on Friday night (November 25), there was little cause for worry.

In fact, by staying in the background on the final night of a bruising battle by the PNM’s Leaders in Service team whose contenders he obviously favors (despite saying “I don’t have a slate”), Rowley was sending a number of subliminal messages to his listeners and watchers, including:
  • The PNM has emerged younger, stronger and chastened out of the dark days in Opposition and the early years of government stewardship to ensure that T+T people are now well fitted in a saddle of economic and social stability that should serve them well for the long haul;
  • As a septuagenarian who has been there and done all of that  in a long and arduous political career of both failure and success, it’s very possible that Rowley may be feeling it’s time to park up and pack it in, no pun intended;
  • This is one PNM political leader who  can take comfort in the fine line up o worthy contenders for his post – a perhaps unexpected benefit arising out of the marathon star wars battle just ended; and
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  • The normally Afro-dominated, black faced ruling party is now showing a much needed collective younger, lighter hue which bodes well for its increasing  acceptance by the wider citizenry as an organization that is actualizing its promise as a national party serving all the people.

In keeping a muted and shadowy presence on the final night therefore, Rowley may have been quietly weighing his options as to which of the young, bright stalwarts stomping on the political stage , can quickly replace him and carry on  the powerful legacy he has developed over the past seven years as a PNM Prime Minister. 

Against this background, one of the individuals who have obviously lost front-runner status as an aspirant for PNM leadership is Faris Al Rawi, the former flamboyant attorney general who has sought to interpret his demotion to Minister of  Local Government and Rural Affairs as a strategic lateral move by his boss who always has his eyes on avoiding contention with the largely opposition East Indian  community.

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Having found himself smeared with a number of embarrassing scandals (such as finding his teenage children playing with big army guns on an army base), Al Rawi became too much of a dangerous political trapeze artist for the PM who has survived  COVID-19 at lead three times, and then to protect his brave heart from a pounding from the Arab circus artist formerly known as Daniel Seukeran. 

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And while other like Foster Cummings and Laurel Lezama Lee Sing are putting up a feisty front, they lack the great body of hard-core political experience at every level of Stuart Young, the Chindian who is now calmly straddling the rough waters of ethnic and social transition by which this rainbow country is characterized.

So when Young, wearing red shoes to match his red PNM jersey tells his opponents in La Horqueta to Rock so!, he is greeted with warm applause vibrating in the hot, jumping bosoms of those PNM women who know a winner when they see one.

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This is so much unlike another Minister – Clarence Rambharat – who said the same thing but, instead,  rocked away from the position back to Canada to seek comfort in the arms of his wife and children.

Politics is not an easy game.

Stuart Young knows this very well, having served well in a number of crucial ministries while at the same time getting fire on his back from neemkharam officials of his own  constituency  who are a fine reflection of the expression once coined by former Prime Minister ANR Robinson.

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 As PNM party members  go about  exercising the One-man-One-vote privilege put in place by Rowley to replace the old Delegate system , it appears to be a conclusion that the party’s internal elections battle will be won by Leaders in Service with Stuart Young in front as Chairman.

That said, we can all rest assured that the future of Trinidad is in good hands.

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