Port of Spain Rising

Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city is taking the high road to resurgence and renewal as the Caribbean’s future “City of Festivals”.

Located  in  Trinidad on the southern-most-point of the lesser Antilles island chain, Port of Spain was the convenient  entry-point for invading European forces depositing various strains of people on  Amerindian-occupied land first called  “Cumucurapo”. 


It is out of this exciting milieu of diversified people forced into 1.03 ha. of  small living space that such a model of cultural diversity has sprung up  over the last five centuries.

 TT Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

It’s with great justification therefore  that the Keith Rowley-led government here can justifiably adopt the “City of Festivals” moniker for this international cultural hub.

For out of this  melting pot there has emerged a significant number of individuals and events to star on  on the world stage. 


The Steel Pan is the world’s first musical instrument invented in the 20th century. The “Trinidad Carnival”  street parade model is followed in  several cities all over the world – with Port of Spain people at the helm.

President’s House

Literature Nobel Prize Laureate winner Vidya Naipaul is from Port of Spain, as is Shemika Campbell who recently shot into the Guinness Book of Records by “limboing” under two vehicles.

As the country’s movers and shakers begin to renew Port of Spain from its recent period  of decay, one can see the beginnings of the new city emerging on the landscape.


These include: the refurbished Red House, Stollmeyer’s Castle, The President’s House and the Office of the Prime Minister.

Speaking at the Consultation to launch the new “Master Plan” for Port of Spain on November 16,  Rowley identified a number of areas for concentration including Social Decay and Green Space.

Port of Spain Corporation Logo     govserve.com


As Rowley’s People’s National Movement (PNM)-led government gets down to work at the start of its second term in office, the world can look forward to experiencing a revitalized Port of Spain 

pulsating with a re-energized “Trini” rhythm of drums, song and dance along the streets of   the “City of Festivals”.

Scene from Port of Spain Carnival       ncc.org

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