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In the teeming eye of the storm of violence that keeps tormenting Sweet T+T with every heartbeat in time, I was pleasantly shocked to see a beautifully fresh and innocent piece of writing by Rishi Williams jumping out of  Facebook.

Rishi’s piece about the wonderful challenges which man and woman must deal with if they are to make their relationships work over a long period of time, was greeted by an outpouring of  positive comments celebrating this intervention in a time when mayhem and bloody devastation are the order of the day here.

Yeah Right! 🙂

Simultaneously, like a constant painful chook with a rusty knife in the ribs, CNC3 Television was reporting how a 57 year old  Jerry Horne of Diego Martin man had just been charged with the murder of his common-law wife Marva Sutherland.

The report gave no indication that the heinous crime could have been linked to the surname (Horne) of the accused.

But no matter the circumstances – which can never be justified in civilized society – Williams has erupted like a breath of fresh volcanic air to remind readers of the vital need to look out for one another in their dealings.

Let’s be always conscious and aware  that you would be looking forward to coming back home later to the one whom  you had just dismissed, when you left the house in a huff and a puff and a slam of the door which you never want to see closed shut on you.

In this context, questions keep coming fast and furious such as:

  • Why is it that men seem to seek compensation in shooting deadly bullets into the women who make them frustrated since  they cannot hit the live  target with their pop guns that keep firing blanks?
  • Do women really realize how fatal an attraction they can make themselves to the man who they chose to destroy in public with their deadly remarks such as : 

Ah tired raisin de dead!

Horned Man Freed – Newsday

Yuh not inside, Yuh not nice, and Yuh too small to take a real dip in this salt!

Soldier: You give me $40 when I tell you my price is $100. So, were you expecting  lobsters for crab money? 

These are some of the accounts which are often hidden under the blanket of alarms raised when a woman is tragically murdered in situation where there are often no witnesses to tell the sad tale.

Rishi’s piece also highlights how one must have a vision of the best that is possible in moments when the worst kind of thinking can rear its ugly head.

It’s what young calypsonian Abbi Blackman was referring to when she sang Take a walk and kill that talk.

It’s what people mean when a man or woman loses his senses and yells: Don’t let me put God out of my thoughts  – without understanding how close they had been leading themselves to the cutting edge of their nerves and the possibility of a drastically changed destiny.

It’s against this background that a report by Kim Boodram in the Trinidad Express dated January 1, 2022 stated:

“Of 2,282 sexual offences reported in Trinidad and Tobago in the past five years, 647 were “detected”, at a detection rate of 28.3 per cent, Attorney General Faris 

Al Rawi said yesterday.

He delivered the statistics as he lamented the Parliament’s failure to pass the Cyber Crime Bill 2017 that would have addressed some digital-based offences such as voyeurism, revenge porn and the capturing and sharing of images of a personal nature without consent.

The figures given by the AG on reported sexual offences were generated from 2017 to 2021 he said.

Meanwhile, Psychiatrist Dr Varma Deyalsingh feels  “The time has come for women to take control of their lives and for sexual offenders to live in fear of victims.

In a recent interview with the Express,  he observed that “sexual assault continues to be a major fear factor amongst women and their families in Trinidad and Tobago”.

He noted that for years women have been plagued with feeling unsafe while commuting and conducting daily activities, adding they were unsafe in their own homes with the increasing number of home invasions.

And rapists no longer fear the justice system, he said.

Deyalsingh said it was therefore “time for the rapist to fear the victim and for women to protect themselves against these criminals”.

He said, “With small handguns and adequate training women can protect themselves and make criminals think twice.”

Notwithstanding the gloomy picture which pervades therefore, we can still find comfort and hope in the Facebook postings of people like Rishi Williams whose intervention –obviously born out of his strong relationship with wife Arian – point the way to all our beautiful possibilities.

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