Rowley and PNM Playing ah Mas Dong in San Fernando

A tumultuous wave of political sound and fury was unleashed in the  city of San Fernando, (Population 20,000 approximately) south Trinidad on Thursday May 25.

Prime Minister and People’s National Movement (PNM) Political Leader Dr Keith  Christopher Rowley came out with all guns blazing in the wake of a Privy Council decision which – by it’s recent ruling – had virtually pulled the trigger for local government elections to be called.

In a fiery presentation, the man who’s now celebrating 3 decades in politics, pulled no punches as he ushered his young lieutenants out on the battlefield.

The PM’s team comprised

*  Rural Development Minister Faris Al Rawi, MP for San Fernando West,

* Brian Manning, Minister in the Ministry of Finance and  MP for San Fernando East, and

* Randall Mitchell, Minister of Tourism and former MP for San Fernando East.

Dr Keith Rowley

PNM Chairman and Energy Minister  Stuart Young, Education Minister Nyan Gadsby-Dolly and PNM Matriarch Joan Yuille Williams  were among dignitaries spotted  at the large meeting.

With their gun barrels full of hot lead, the team released a volley of information which may have made the crowd giddy as their leader spoke last  – after Al Rawi and Manning sought to make mince meat of the United National Congress’ possibilities of winning San Fernando in upcoming local government elections, much less so in General Elections due in a year’s time. 

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In focusing on Tourism, Mitchell  placed Tourism in the context of an industry providing enrichment to all areas of the economy, including:

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  • Huge jumps in job opportunities for young people on cruise ships with salaries at a minimum of US$900 a month plus exposure to different places and training;
  • The presence of Carib Beer, Angostura Bitters and other products on the ships;
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  • Opportunities in the agriculture industry as the cruise line express interest in T+T cuisine; and
  • A keen interest in this country’s Methanol as a possible replacement for diesel as a fuel to meet new international Carbon -free standards, and
  • Employment of our people in cultural activities associated with entertaining  thousands of visitors.
Embracing Music, Movement, and Freedom at Trinidad's Carnival | Condé Nast  Traveler

Rowley was merciless in his whipping of Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar who, he said: “Doesn’t come to the Parliament…says nothing…and spends her time writing letter to CARICOM (The Caribbean Community) complaining about the Constitution being breached in T+T”.

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Describing the UNC leader’s  behaviour as “nasty”’ Rowley predicted that the UNC would be demolished when election are called locally and nationally.

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He supported his claim by pointing to a number of alleged and proven corrupt practices by that party while in government, such as:

  • The whopping increase of the original Piarco Airport Redevelopment project (PRIDE) from US$400 milli0n  20 years ago to $US1 Billion “using the tendering process to facilitate corruption”
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  • The case of the Curepe Overpass project where the new incoming PNM administration was able to offer new tenders and bring in the same project at a cost of US$200 million or about a half the amount (US $400 million) which the UNC was about to pay for the same job; and

Port of Spain City Corporation - Woodford Square the green heart of Port of  Spain. Located in the center of the city it is an oasis away from the  hustle and bustle

  • An alarming number of instances in which men who have either been in jail or  have been charged with corruption, are now either occupying seats or are zantaying to get a foot into the door of the hallowed chamber.

Rowley warned his enthusiastic listeners that they would be “legitimizing corruption” in public life  by allowing the UNC to get back into government.

The PM also pointed to a number of significant achievements by his government, among which were:

  • It’s successful navigation of T+T  out of the crippling COVID 19 pandemic;
  • Courageously coping with a world  energy product crisis when oil went below $0 a barrel, and
  • Recovering from the ”mountain of debt” left by the outgoing UNC government.
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All things being equal, it therefore seems most likely that the UNC will be given a sound thrashing in both the Local and General elections due shortly.

As a result, we can expect  that the PNM Balisier flag will fly lustily over Sweet T+T for the next six years or more. So it’s no wonder  that Rowley and his PNM followers were able to shout confidently and loudly on Thursday night:

Great is the PNM

Great is the PNM

And We Shall Prevail!  

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