If you want this thing to last pour more

Probably not since ESSO rode roughshod over the  commercial air waves by putting a Tiger in the tank of  motorists to groove along within the 1960s, have the customers been so pleasurably shifted into high gear with a TT originated commercial for Kendall Oil.

“We have to talk”, the demure-sounding but most determined little woman says in her sweet-swinging Trini accent, “If you feel you can treat me like one of your side things and give me all kinds of oil, well, you’re wrong!

Without any background music or special effects, she drops her bomb in a dry, decisive manner which allows no wiggle room for the man who wants to take her for granted.

So if you want this thing to last…

Pour more Kendall

On March 12, 2015, Rahamut Enterprises Limited – which describes itself as “the leading distributor of diesel fuel and automotive lubricant products in Trinidad and Tobago for years” –  revealed plans to spend more than $1 million annually to market Kendall Motor Oils in T&T.

This was announced by Adrian Singh, general manager of Rahamut, following the formal launch of the brand  at the Woodford Cafe, Price Plaza, Chaguanas.

Singh said Kendall is being pushed as a premium oil and Rahamut plans on capturing at least 20 percent of the local market, with a series of customer promotions planned. Kendall was previously distributed locally by another supplier.

Rahamut Enterprises is a member of the Rahamut Group of Companies  based at Cross Crossing, San Fernando.
The Rahamut Group is a   family-run enterprise focused on the marketing and distribution of refined petroleum products.

Singh said the company has devised a long-term marketing and advertising strategy for the brand that “looks years into the future.”

“Advertising and promoting brand Kendall will be constant and widespread. By the end of the month, the Kendall Store will open at 17 Cipero Street, San Fernando, dedicated exclusively to providing consumers with the most valuable information on engine care”, Singh said

”In so doing, consumers can understand the difference and make informed decisions when taking care of perhaps their second most valuable asset, whether it is their car, bus, motor bike, boat etc,” he said.

“The Kendall Store is the first of its kind in the world. Our plans include opening two other locations across the country over the next 18 months”, Singh said.

In addition to giving a physical face to the brand and supplying the actual bottles of oil, technical and customer service support will be available at the store.

Kendall Motor Oil is manufactured by the Kendall Refining Company which is based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Its full synthetic engine oils are formulated with liquid titanium technology to protect against engine wear.

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