Support The Petition to Re-site the Headquarters of the United Nations in the United States of Trinidad and Tobago

The world swung into an extravagant turn on its Summer Solstice axis on June 25 when the penetrative world online portal named took the unprecedented step to start a Petition to have the HeadQuarters of the United Nations re-sited in the Caribbean twin-island democratic Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

In taking what must be a novel initiative in international relations, the paper’s Publisher, Rudolph Williams, identified a number of Reasons why  such 

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“BDA offers a wide range of academic programs in Performance, Choreography, Dance Studies, Artistic Design for Theatre, Film & TV and Public Administration, with 18 concentrations at undergraduate level and 36 concentrations at postgraduate level…”Dai Ailian Foundation (DAF) Dai Ailian Foundation (DAF) is a non-profit company, incorporated on July 26, 2011 in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.DAF was formed to honour T+T-born  Dai Ailian, an international dance icon who helped develop Dance in China.

A move was logically inevitable and inherently assured to meet of success, including: 

  • Sweet T+T is the world’s richest ethnically diverse nation living harmoniously under one sky
  • They are  people of an essentially solid mind-set and culture who so easily embrace visitors to mingle as one that, in short order, many realize that here is the  place where they find the rainbow at the end of their dreams
  • A largely safe environment for citizens and visitors alike – although not without  the usual tiny minority of youths and adult of criminal mind who prefer  to pursue a career in  Crime
  • The country is well equipped with a history, geo-political location, infrastructure and experience of trade in various products including relations with giants in oil, gas and hydrocarbons, as a platform for excellent global networking
  • A state where the citizenry in general enjoys an indisputably  very high, modern  standard of living based on assessments by respected monitoring agencies of Public Service facilities and private offerings comparable with world front-runners in areas such as Health, Education, Public Welfare, Physical Infrastructure, and Labour Relations
  • Excellent climate, especially with Tobago as an option
  •  Innovative, bright, creative people who have produced world game-changing events such as  the  Steel Pan, Limbo, Roti, Doubles and Trinidad Carnival as the Greatest Show on  Earth.
  • A throbbing, vibrant democracy

Our Objectives are:

  • Employing our Creative Communications skills to Influence behaviour change away from that of  war-driven, cannibalistic animals to mature, combat-fit, exquisitely  superior human beings
  •  Promote the evolution of a hunger-free world  that speaks to Abundance, Constructive Thinking and Holistic Wealth Creation as a way of Being.
  • A nation constantly humming at  the cutting edge of Creative Change, and
  • Working with Man as a rough diamond in his  crucible  of tumultuous Change towards his eventual successful emergence as a true Warrior Son of God

According to the Champion of  this most noble patriotic cause, the Petition is being pursued on the premise of a National Vision where Trinidad and Tobago is seen as   leading the way in Mortal Man’s  quest to evolve at his greatest possibility”.

In this regard,  Outcomes will include:

1) Trinidad and Tobago contains  a first class world nuclear technology learning centre located at Sea Lots, Port of Spain with special benefits and facilities for work and career development for nationals. 

2) Port of Spain is the site of the World Centre of Arbitration for negotiation and discussion of thorny issues among nations and parties in a universe where there are no wars.

5) The Steel Pan and Trinidad Carnival are iconic symbols of enlightenment and guidance for people across the universal landscape

6) The world has been happily invaded by a fresh new wave of exquisitely sensuously entangling warriors comprised of all blood lines on the planet described as themselves Trinis

  1.   Doubles and Bake and Shark are exported from here to the international market along the lines of the KFC model, focusing on the Trini  Doubles Man and His/Her Cart.

As a result of numerous well-thought-out promotions, Tobago has emerged as an exquisite, all-inclusive resort for both the Rich and Famous and the Sandals categories, with Trinis in the greatest abundance on Festival weekends such as Goat Race, Left Hand Dumplin’ and The Great Race.

  • Launching pads are established for flying cars to travel between Macqueripe and Mathura in Trinidad and Scarborough, Tobago.

These sites will also be used to transport oil workers to Tobago rigs and as  depots to receive imports and convey exports of goods which find difficulty to be comfortably accommodated  in the nation’s  traditional ports.10) The main drug that people abuse here is 

The joy of being alive!

  • The United States of Trinidad and Tobago is pointing the way in the evolution of Whole Man soaring up into his greatest possibilities.

Procedural tasks for which help will be needed include:

  • Production of the petition to its Final Stage for presentation to the competent authority;
  • The proper  sequence of events to be followed;
  • How and when relevant national, regional and international organizations should be approached;
  • How to build the groundswell of support at home and in the diaspora;
  • Finding the balance in a delicate relationship where  due respect is paid to  our own government while we aggressively push forward with the Petition;
  • Final format for the accumulation of Signatures with appropriate fraud-prevention  provisions in place; and 
  • Getting  widespread agreement on the number of signatures needed to guarantee the approval of a Petition of this kind for Trinidad and Tobago.

Individuals and Organizations who see the great value that is available to our people, the country and the world, can pledge their support in cash or other contributions by contacting us as : Telephones: 868-687-0289 (What’s App) and 868-714-3226 and Email: 

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