The Case for Re-siting the Head Quarters of the United Nations in Trinidad and Tobago

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The Vision

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Trinidad and Tobago is  located in the Active Spiritual and Ethnic Centre of the World – and for a number of  good reasons, including:  

  •  Comfortably positioned at the cutting edge of world evolution, Sweet T+T is  the exemplary leader for new paradigm shifts in thinking, behavior and the achievement of harmonious living by a  most expansively diverse group of people in one small space.
Port of Spain City Corporation - Woodford Square the green heart of Port of  Spain. Located in the center of the city it is an oasis away from the  hustle and bustle
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Embracing Music, Movement, and Freedom at Trinidad's Carnival | Condé Nast  Traveler


  1. The Head Quarters of the United Nations has finally found a home in the place where people have re-designed the world’s thinking, behavior and culture as a sophisticated, civilized place where all men are truly equal.
  2. In this place which is the truest reflection of the spirit and intent of the UN, people are able to fully express their  creative energy as the key overarching factor in human ambition
  3. The twin-island Caribbean democratic republic of Trinidad and Tobago is recognized and respected as the player operating at the cutting edge of the global frontier
  4. It’s the place where  dreams are built along the lines of man’s greatest possibilities
(Photo: Lizzie Munro for Punch Drink)
  1. Cooking up business with an exciting, unique, sensuous Caribbean flavour  with the magical touch of Angostura Bitters
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6)  A communications environment where massive opportunities for business and wealth are created for each and every player any and everywhere in business, culture and group possibilities

7) A meeting place for movers and shakers looking for solutions to the biggest relations problems and challenges possible

8) The platinum standard for Excellence in Communications

The Approach

Galvanize all interested parties to present whatever is necessary to the appropriate bodies to make this important world event happen.

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