The Challenge Continues to be Hidden in the PNM’s Communications Tool Box

Listeners who were lucky to tune in to the popular Barbershop shop on Radio 95 this Saturday morning (November 19) were treated to a rare insight into the  sacrifices made by some elected officials as they strive to serve their constituency and their country, many times without receiving recognition and thanks.

Here are a few revealing points which  the now middle-aged Young revealed to  hosts John Gill and John Benwar:

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  • He sleeps a few hours a night;
  • His phone starts ringing at about three o’clock in the morning and he answers all his calls; 
  • In every ministry that he has worked, he has gone on the ground to better understand the people in order to give them the best service he can; and
  • He will go to war for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley who, by implication,  he considers a man of impeccable integrity

As the man who can find himself meeting fire victims after landing in Piarco from a 26-hour flight where he was just negotiating  crucial Energy matters with PM Rowley,  young Stewart is humbled at the opportunity to serve.

Which is the main quality that is inherent in his quest for chairmanship of the grand old party whose aspiring leaders in service reflect the enduring spirit of the PNM in its efforts to unselfishly point the way for the development of all the people of Trinidad and Tobago throughout its 66-year history.

This is the vehicle used by stalwarts like Kamaluddin Mohammed, George Chambers, Patrick Manning, Muriel Green, Overand Padmore and Ferdi Ferreira to both carve an identification for themselves as glorious champions of the Balisier crew and to also discover themselves as leaders in service to the small but powerful nation of diverse and proud people started by Dr Eric Williams as Father of the Nation.  

Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams

In this context, Stuart Young’s commitment to meet the people in their own direct setting, reflects what has become one of the winning formulas employed by the PNM over the years as a means of finding solutions to their problems at source, as opposed to reading papers in an  air-conditioned office far from the scene.

Which highlights the great dilemma which, despite its motley package of people out-reach programmes, still appears to  be stymied in its efforts to connect with people towards forming that vital bond  which will empower the nation in time of need.

So when PNM election candidate Desmond Cartey shouted out All Ah We  Thief!  few years ago, it was no surprise that this very misunderstood cry served as the

Similarly, when Stuart uses the term Rock So! for his opponents, he should be careful about how this jittery populace can easily feel that he is referring to the same PNM band of loyalists who he does not resemble – as one of the Barbershop hosts mentioned.

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Young, who himself admits that in school he was called a Chindian, appears to have personally overcome all the ethnic hurdles of a mixed-race individual fighting to lead the African dominated PNM party and, as he indicated to John and John, he’s a Trinidadian doing his best to serve his people and that’s what makes him fully qualified for the post he’s seeking.

Above all, when the smoke clears after this bruising battle of PNM Internal Elections due at the end of the month, it’s individuals like the all-embracing Stuart Young who shall serve as the first to rally around the country’s centre pole for survival.

For, like the  Shouter Baptists who know how to hold on the balance wheel as part of their commitment to keep the fragile fabric of hope and faith Phillip Alexander and Saddam Hosein – together as one, there shall come a time when we must all rally together as one to preserve the fantastic opportunity of good fortune which we all enjoy today.

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This is what we owe to all our ancestors who have trod this land in blood, sweat and tears to make sure we have arrived at this safe place.

It’s also what we owe to our young leaders – like  Shamfa Cudjoe, Barry Padarath, Phillip Alexander Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards, principal medical officer of health, has said that while “you may not have been hearing about them, repatriation exercises continue to occur unabated.”

Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards of the COVID-19 Team, and Stuart Young  to lead the way in holding the fabric of this beautiful but fragile country together into the bright and prosperous future that is so well deserved.

Hair, makeup and photos by Aneesa Haidarali -

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