The Good, the Best and the Bully

Very few people observed how TT Police Commissioner Gray Griffith was being sidelined from power with the departure of the National Security Minister Stuart Young and the surfacing of Fitzgerald Hinds to that exalted position last April.
In our April 23 issue headed “Watching the Last Red Men with Cockee Eye”, drew a tenuous link between the sudden fall from grace of Gary’s right hand man Acting Police Inspector Mark Hernandez with what appeared to be an internal plot to set up the popular Double G for a very hard fall.

The reasoning behind this notion was that the internal People’s National Movement’s (PNM) black elite were fed up of the” Red Man” playing himself like a national star boy and it was time for the the Balisier patch to be seen as being back in charge.
The exciting climax of this dangerous game is now threatening to come to an end with the current mounting of pressure against Griffith for a number of new “transgressions”, including his generous allowance of Firearms Users Licenses to well-placed certain citizens.

So that at a time when he wants to come back from leave as duly permitted during this gap when his possible re-appointment is pending, several issues have surfaced.
One, which should come as no surprise to the discerning, involves the case of the new, most articulate National Security Minister publicly bullying his Permanent Secretary in an attempt to force Gary to stay home.
It’s all on tape.
Hinds was actually seen and heard indirectly barking orders into his speaker phone to his deaf and dumb PS on the matter, overtly addressing Griffith who was also at the end of the open hot line.
Quick on the draw, Griffith quickly jumped on the clear opportunity to embarrass Hinds by stating that the Minister had told him not to report for work and that, by the way, the Minister had no jurisdiction over his office (Griffith’s).

Having been well caught in the slips, Hinds has quietly reverted to his social media comfort zone where he sometimes rants and raves like any ordinary citizen on various matters which can put him into hot water because of the risk of compromising national intelligence.
For example, he has been seen to make rants about TT Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar in a manner that can be deemed reckless by a high official man who holds confidential information on this particular national office holder.

Alchemy is the raising of the vibrations.
“ He who sees no meaning in this seemingly unimportant sentence has no right to attempt alchemical experimentation”, says Frater Albertus in “The Alchemist’s Handbook

As if indirect response to the wayward behavior displayed by Hinds – who is considered by many as an orator gushing out tonnes of golden words which carry very little substance -Frater Albertus continues:
Such a person is like one who claims that since he knows all the letters of the alphabet he can, therefore, read any language as they are all composed of letters from the same alphabet.
” But does he read with understanding when the letters are interchanged, forming words in different languages?

The new national security minister knows from his own painful experience what it’s like to be heard but not listened to by people who brook no quarter on matters which touch them at the core.
One of these landmark events involved the humiliation suffered in his own constituency when a group of youths chased their MP him out of the Beetham Estate PNM stronghold with a flurry of dirty water following him.

And yet, as it currently stands, the windmill which Hinds has been confidently tilting against the Commissioner, appears to have started to wheel and come again as public opinion is reaching a tipping point in favour of Griffith who, to most people, has done no wrong.
It could only be that the chickens are clearly now coming home to roost as the effectiveness of Gary Griffith in getting at the root of the country’s crime problem rooting is beginning to show.

Furthermore, Gary’s flashing blue lights have begun to reveal evidence which a privileged few were sitting and farting on with the hope that the odour would discourage the most fearless crime fathers to hold their noses and stay far from.
They obviously did not cater for Gary who moves like a man with absolutely nothing to lose – so much unlike the medocre disciples who hang on with trembling fingers and wet lips to the coat tail of the leader.
It’s in this context that one can appreciate the discomfort being openly expressed by movers and shakers on both sides of the political fence and the apparent attempt by some to turn the blame back on Griffith who now stands helpless outside the game of play.

In this environment, where there is a hiatus over Gary’s well-deserved re-appointment, one can reasonably expect black guards of the ilk of Fitzgerald Hinds to show their blind loyalty to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
These elements are prepared to put their their money and their mouth to the trough as loyal bottom feeders who care for party first and foremost – even at the expense of the country and its people.
With this mind-set, it will be interesting to follow what kind of road we are heading down (or up) as we strive to create a new future.

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