The Meteoric Rise and Crashing Fall of Kamla Back into Jack’s Arms

A remarkable display of political histrionics is taking place on the unsettled landscape of Sweet T+T lately with:

  • Former Prime Minister and UNC current Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar  finding herself caught in the open  arms of a hanging Jack Warner whose FIFA empire is now crumbling from its Centre of Excellence; and
Former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner walks out of the Arouca Police Station after checking in as required under his bail agreement on June 11, 2015...
  • International  Black Evangelist TD Jakes has been allegedly sighted in Kamla’s constituency in what, some feel, might be a move to engage his powers to rescue her from the black hole of Calcutta in which she now finds herself after brutally stabbing at in-coming President Christine Kangaloo.

Always a victim of illusion, Bissessar is still hoping that her last gasps on her political death bed will be transformed into an explosion of born again energy injected by Thomas Dexter Jakes who has an estimated net worth of $18 million, this money has been earned through working as a chief pastor. T. D. Jakes is the chief pastor and the bishop of “The Potter’s House”, which is a non-denominational American mega church.

T. D. Jakes Income
Images Of Quotes By Td Jakes

“He is a multifaceted spiritual guide. He has a multifaceted and prolific personality. If you go to his parish and ask who is he? then they will tell you that he is their beloved Bishop. If you go to the world of movies, they will tell you that he is a documentary filmmaker. If you ask children of the African-American Community who he is? They will tell you He is an author”. This Is what the biographers say about Jakes.

It has been speculated that he earns almost 500,000 dollars from one sermon that he gives in a football stadium. Whether that is true or not can only be verified by His tax returns it is secret to the date of writing this article. He has properties in many states. He has property in Virginia. He has property in North Carolina. He has properties in Montana. The total value of his properties goes beyond 27 million dollars. He lives in a house in Virginia that was provided to him by his Parish. Stay tuned for more news on celebrities.

T. D. Jakes was born on June, 9th 1957 in South Charleston, West, Virginia. Today he is known as the leader of the megachurch, but his journey to this megachurch started from a small storefront Church. Yes, you will not believe it But his first Parish had only 10 human beings. He started his journey with 10 parishioners And right now, he can count over 200,000 people, in his Parish. 

EXCLUSIVE: TD Jakes Church Now HALF EMPTY . . . After He BASHED BLACK WOMEN  In Sermon!! - Media Take Out

He is someone who understood the media when nobody was ready to adopt media into their Church game.

He started giving sermons in theaters when he was just 30 years old. He started giving sermons in 1987. Within three years. He became so famous that he started giving sermons on football grounds. 

Kamla: Mirror Baptists by ignoring hate, attempts at division | Loop  Trinidad & Tobago

By allegedly associating her Hindu soul with  the African body of black evangelism, Kamla has taken a similar route to former PNM (People’s National Movement) Prime Minster Patrick Manning who got himself tied up with a sorceress who lifted him high and hard before bringing him crashing in a spectacular manner to a crushing defeat at the polls.

In a similar vein, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has openly voiced his awe at what spiritual events can happen in high places out of Le Coteaux, Mason Hall, Tobago.

Did Rowley visit Les Coteaux or did Brian Manning forget ...

This is he foreboding place he has been known to quietly visit on a number of occasions – as if in search for renewal and recreation in his quest to deal with the many demons that besiege him.

What all of this tells us is that there is more in the proverbial mortar than the pestle when it comes to the inner science of the politics in a society of such diverse people Packed in one small space that on many occasions, they do not know their asses from their elbows, as the old people like to say.

So as the circle turn for another general election in 2025, we can see ambitious players starting to strut their stuff in the persons of individuals such as former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith, PEP (People’s Empowerment Party) leader Phillip Alexander who has already impressively fought and lost

Gary Griffith Jnr

election ; and David Abdulah, a self-dubbed socialist activist leading the Movement for Social Justice  from behind.

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Like Trinidad Carnival, general elections have been shown to present citizens here with an opportunity every five years or so  in a manner that opens a check valve to release the near-megalomaniac waves building up in our sanity.

So, as simple as it seems, do not be misled by y the blending in of these elements on the Queens’s Park Savannah stage where, as the bard David Rudder sang:

How we Vote is Not how we Party!

Time to bring out the moko jumbies, Tan tan and Saga Boy, with Rowley and Kamla in the crapaud festival which makes us one of the greatest players among the first in the world.

That’s where, if you look carefully, you may find TD Jakes doing an evangelical crawl in Siparia Deltones steelband where Machel Montano is  the flag waver and a bazodeed Kamla Persad-Bissessar can be seen with Jack Warner : sweating and winding to the iron in the engine room.

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