The President’s boys, girls and other outside children.

With just about three years (March 2018) in office, Trinidad and Tobago’s President Paula Mae-Weekes has found herself stewing in  the same pepper-pot of confusion and misinformation which her straitlaced  life in the Law never catered for.

As a woman who is  bold and forward in both word and frame, Weekes – who once had to politely advise  one rude reporter that she is not  a lesbian – is now emerging as an unwitting victim of what we all saw as  her own transparent modus operandi.

 Most alarmingly, in her recent dealings with the Public Service Commission’s  Chairman Bliss Seepersad, she   inadvertently took a dangerous skate down into the local snake pit of  bacchanal and kangkatang upon which the society thrives.

So who would have imagined that a woman of such buxom stature and prominence could make get so small  to squeeze  into a situation  looking like Naipaul’s “Black Hole of Calcutta” where many have been called but few have returned.

Ask former PNM Minister Desmond Cartey who lost his political life after he publicly stated with the finest intentions that “All ah we tief!”

And there was Opposition Leader Dr Rudnaranth Capildeo who, being a bright University “doctor”,  forgot that Trini Indians had no mind for his double intendre and were actually prepared to charge forward at the Queen’s Park Savannah when he told them “Arm Yourselves!”

The irony is that Paula – as some fondly call her – should know better, not only as a lawyer or a president but as a Trini woman who is always in fine tune to handle the zig zag speaking of our smart men who could dance, sing and charm the skin off a snake in the Emperor Valley Zoo to get what they really want, no matter how well it’s concealed.

So how could the woman who once planned to climb the formidable Mt Kilimanjoro, miss the mamaguy of Trinidad politics and speak so directly about receiving  notification from Chairman Bliss and then returning it upon request?

Is it that she wanted so badly to be the topic of the 2022 Road March for which COVID 19 is already in top contention? Or does Madam President find the need to draw attention to her office to defy those who  say  she does and says “nothing”?

Could Paula-Mae’s Freudian Slip be showing in the same way that Rowley has admitted to being a smoker (or drinker) of Horny Goat Weed and Kamla is said to love singing  “Rum Till I Die?”

 Or Gary Griffith continuing to shoot off his big mouth from the lip,  even as he fires up Used Arms Licence applicants on the football field?

Paula’s career-changing dilemma is that she has so obviously brought everybody of substance into a major constitutional crisis  that, like a Sunday market crab,the poor lady really get “tie up” this time.

So for better and for worse – because of how our society thinks and  operates – she knows that we will  all find a way to deal with this  problem in such a timely fashion  that it does not last as long as  the famous Red House Fire. 

By the time the next Panorama and Calypso Kings Finals takes place, everybody will be comfortably back in office.

We shall (to use the legal jargon)  pretend to realize that this tragic event will leave such a stain upon our  nation’s character that  no matter what happens next, we shall be known and seen as a people who have lost the respect and trust of the world’s watchers.

Like men of straw dancing the moko jumbie, our utterances shall be  taken for what we truly  are – dust in the wind.

So carry on, Children of the Weak!

Beat your drum! And storm the Court House with petitions big and small.  But don’t touch the PNM government with hands yellow with the currying favours which  we  can call you out for anytime.

As the saying goes: “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

Or: “Let sleeping dogs lie”

With this in the mill, some of us may even be hoping   that perhaps Keith may forget his public platform warning  about moving in on Kamla for her association with criminal elements in her own party.

And in return, is it possible that  we’ll all forget how Keith rushed to admit that the AV Fake Oil Accused man was his friend while the same Fake man’s daughter  occupied a PNM Senate seat in  full public glare without saying a word  – until they buss the  big mark (36 or Jackass) and all hell broke loose?

Run you run, Eric William run yuh run!

That’s one of the chants we used to sing as children during election time in the island. 

Makes me wonder how President Paula must now be feeling as she knowingly presides over an empty nest where, it’s been said, happy birds like to drop their broken after-thoughts.     

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