The Young Deceivers

As if they thought no one was looking, the young luminaries of two highly regarded countries sat down and agreed upon an action which left the turd world reeling in COVIDIAN amazement as the resulting scandal stank to high heaven.

“The pandemic has hit our countries hard and has taken a heavy human toll. Inspired by the resilience of our people, and driven by a spirit of solidarity, Canada and France reaffirmed their commitment to working together to address the multidimensional challenges caused by the health crisis.”, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed on June 12.

“They reiterate their willingness to cooperate with their international partners, in particular their G7 and G20 partners, to work toward a sustainable and equitable post-COVID recovery.”,  

While the announcement was reasonably transparent,  neither of these two delinquents was showing the black hand hidden behind his back.

That’s because, from what the sharp-eyed editor of the  “Trinidad Express” could discern, these political one-armed bandits had not only zapped the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine in one imperial handshake, they had also deprived a whole dimension of the world’s people of the chance to enter Canada on the basis of entry restrictions imposed here.

No wonder the  “Trinidad Express” found itself shouting on behalf of the Caribbean about how (Canada) a member country and self-avowed strong supporter of WHO initiatives would not exempt a WHO-approved vaccine from the requirement of mandatory quarantine “

Noting that with people in lower-income countries being “already disadvantaged by the growing gap between vaccine haves and vaccine have-nots”, the Express wondered how come “ people in lower income countries who are following the advice to take the first available vaccine, specifically the first WHO-approved vaccine as in the case of T&T”, could now face the looming prospect of travel restrictions and pre-conditions”.

According to T+T’s leading newspaper: “These restrictions and pre-conditions are being woven into multi-tiered regimes that privilege vaccines developed in the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom over others. In Canada, the main privilege is that, as of next month, persons fully immunized with vaccines approved for use in that country—Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J&J Janssen—will no longer be required to enter its mandatory quarantine program”.

The prospect is of special interest in  T+T  where a large band of citizens are so enamored with Canada that in the 1980’s they begged the UN  to grant them refugee status in Canada on the grounds that they were being discriminated against because of ethnicity. 

It was Canada itself which avoided further embarrassment by T+T’s Indians to their own sovereign, highly diversified nation by closing its borders and demanding visas for all “Trinis” seeking to enter here.

So where does that leave loyal third-world states like Trinidad and Tobago and hundreds of others who look upon Canada for protection, education, and even approval?

Nowhere –   unless you are happy to find yourself at the footstool of the slave master wearing a different uniform with a consensual whip even as the same  UN  pats you on the back for your “usual kind cooperation”.

It’s against this background that Chinese Ambassador Fang Qui must have unwittingly ruffled a lot of long-established  British colonial feathers  when he said in apparent innocence:

“… I believe new models of China-TT partnership like this will generate enormous impetus to post-COVID recovery”

Qui also pledged China’s commitment “to supporting T&T in its ongoing efforts to mitigate the pandemic and restore normalcy to the country”

Looking at it from this perspective, therefore,  any attempt by these young white knights to dig up fossils of European relevance is quite understandable.

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