Touch Not the PM’s Anointed Arab

Any curious TT visitor hearing terms such as “Privileged”, “Blessed”, “Highly favoured” and “Above reproach” will be greatly surprised to learn that these references are not being made to local dignitaries such as the president, the prime minister or even the commissioner of police.

In fact, the man of this important moment is a gentleman who appears to have the status of an untouchable because of his capacity to make laws and then bend them to suit his own personal benefit. 

How else can Attorney General Farris Al Rawi be described? After all, isn’t this the same man who aggressively passed COVID – 19 laws in Parliament then appeared unmasked on national television even while the police were harassing citizens in the streets for flouting the same regulations?

And what’s the response of his boss who’s supposed to be the most powerful man in the country?



Release yourself of the burden of finding new markets overseas.

Reach across the oceans with

Your platform for exports equals the cost of a whole pack of cigarettes a day.

Ridiculous ain’t it?

Get on board now or watch your ship leave shore without your livelihood. 


“I’m disappointed”, says Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley in tones that sound intended to assuage a well pampered child who, many surmise,  “has Keith’s files in his back pocket”.

So could that be a reason why a citizen of proud East Indian heritage could change his name from Daniel Seukeran in an earlier incarnation, even as he personifies the role of a snake-oil selling Bollywood star in and out of Parliament, much to the delight of the Indian maidens in our midst?

That may also be why Rowley can only duck for cover when the AG’s children are caught on tape playing dangerous games with big guns on the army’s premises. Who are we to talk about that when Rowley himself can’t say anything?

How long will the people who put him in power realize that Al Rawi the Arab lawman has become a law unto himself and, as former prime  minister Dr Eric Williams was quoted as saying: ”If you eh like it/Get to hell outtah here!”

Then there’s the big question of how his “family” can collect hundreds of thousands a month in rent for just one of a number of buildings being leased to the government based on a mere “recusal” by Al Rawi during the session when the vote for approval came up in Cabinet.

Again, Rowley’s silence is deafening.

And what about the thousands of dollars his wife’s firm was reportedly paid for a reply to a little  Pre-Action Protocol Letter? Could such an exercise have been be routinely handled within the AG’s normal office administrative process? How are these decisions of selection made? Is this the best way to use tax payers’ money?

Will the real Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago please speak up now?

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