T+T Now One Step Further in the Journey to Take Her Rightful Place as the True Leader of the United Nations

For those who could “see”, a super-bright star hurtled resplendently across the  sky on the night of June 1 2023 with the announcement that Dennis Francis, a Trini “of humble beginnings”, was elected to serve as President of the United Nations General Assembly, effective June 14, 2023.

The collectively cool but robust response generated by this development at home can be interpreted as yet another sign of the recognition of what great things are in store for  this remarkably diverse rainbow nation setting the stage for harmonious living for all in one small place.

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In accepting his important  new role, His Excellency expressed sentiments which reflected the life-long long aspirations of the people of his own country when he stated:

“It is my hope to bring forward, with your help and support, a renewed atmosphere of conciliation, cooperation and shared commitment in addressing the many challenges and seizing every opportunity, however nascent, before the General Assembly.” 

These words from Dennis Francis are very potent in that they  indicate how  a people can seize the opportunity to vault upward in the drive to become something even  greater than the best selves they can be. Dr Keith Rowley

For today is the day that the tiny, feisty Caribbean democratic republic of Trinidad and Tobago lies poised for take-off  from its 1,864 square

foot of land space into the surreal: like a rocket with a mere 1.6 million diverse people shooting off on a fiery life’s adventure to their greatest  possibilities where, for Trinis – as the calypsonian sang – 

 The Journey Now Start!

Dr Keith Rowley

In this connection, we discern Sweet T+T as:

Embracing Music, Movement, and Freedom at Trinidad's Carnival | Condé Nast  Traveler
  • The centre of the world; 
  • The international trendsetter for how democracy can work successfully;
  • A remarkable example of how people can work very seriously at the most ambitious exercises yet mix it with a healthy and holistic sensuous, magical and infectious zest for life in all its various dimensions; 
  • A people who actualize sex, rhythm, and passion as the key element to energize their dreams and aspirations; and
  • Port of Spain City Corporation - Woodford Square the green heart of Port of  Spain. Located in the center of the city it is an oasis away from the  hustle and bustle
  • An environments where spirit soar between earth and heaven – with Hell dangerously looming large as a reminder of our need to always keep at the cutting edge of the paradigm.  

Our Vision

Trinidad and Tobago is the golden wheel about which the gods spin the various planets and horoscopic mansions of this world.

Our Mission

To serve as the overarching shining star of ambition in a world where the highest aspirations are too often compromised as men choose to take the easy, convenient for short-term benefit at the high price of missing out on the true meaning of their divine nature.



  1. To re-design the world’s thinking as a sophisticated, civilized place where all men are truly equal.
  2. To allow for the fullest expression of creative energy as the key overarching factor in human ambition
  3. To recognize the twin-island Caribbean democratic republic of Trinidad and Tobago as the player operating at the cutting edge of the global frontier
  4. To build our dreams along the lines of man’s greatest possibilities
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Against this background, therefore, it is inevitable that we will take our right place as the country in which the headquarters of the United Nations sited in the near future. 

This prospect is buttressed by:

  • Our High Quality Content which commands international attention and respect;
  • Our natural Global Reach;
  • Anchors that fasten us securely in the world that is trying hard to sit securely on its moorings; and 
  • Our command of issues  that stimulate overarching interest and generate lively cross-over discussion with Trinidad and Tobago at the cutting edge. 
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T+T can also boast of:

  1.   A communications environment where massive opportunities for business and wealth are created for each and every player any and everywhere in business, culture and group possibilities
  2. A meeting place for movers and shakers looking for solutions to the biggest relations problems and challenges possible
  3. The platinum standard for Excellence in Communications

Our Approach

Design a vehicle which osmotically transmits new, previously considered thoughts and ideas from the larger cosmic creative mind into the microcosm jumping up and down in excited fashion in expectation of the molecular miracle of connection and the physical evolution of a new event.

In this context, we see our Human Resource Base as the core  energy of our business, the people who breathe life into the enterprise and who are truly responsible for its nourishment, development and growth.

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In this connection, our Flagship Projects are objects of pride and admiration. They include:

  • Mind Changers T+T : an overarching multimedia communications project aimed at engineering a Change in the Mind Set of the People of Trinidad and Tobago and beyond.
San Juan business heads: Public safety at stake since blackout | Loop  Trinidad & Tobago

This includes the theme : Change Your Mind and Stay Away from Crime by Rudolph Williams as expressed in a You Tube video with the same title

Meet The Sexties: the haven where persons aged sixty and over can find a comfort zone 

Dance Forms in Trinidad and Tobago – NDA.TT
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  • T+T Exports Directory628 Trinidad And Tobago Flag Stock Photos, Pictures ...

The Entrepreneurs’ Gateway to New World Business 

Voodoo doll with pins on dark background Voodoo doll with pins on dark background voodoo ritual stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
  • The World Annual Trinidad Carnival Festival
  • Embracing Music, Movement, and Freedom at Trinidad's Carnival | Condé Nast  Traveler
  • The International Trinidad Steel Pan Festival
  • The   Melanin World Beauty and Intelligence Pageant
  • Student organises powerful photoshoot to celebrate the beauty of black women  | The Independent | The Independent
  • Cathedral of Esteemed Mystic Warriors, Freeport
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Change Your Mind

The  Transformation Manifesto of  the People of Trinidad and Tobago towards achieving Universal Change on Planet Earth

Sea Lots,Trinidad and Tobago as the Site of a Neutral World Nuclear Power

Since it’s in the most unlikely places that God chooses to make his grand appearance, it’d no wonder that Sea Lots, south Port of Spain,   has turned up as a big opportunity for a people who are used to getting attention – but not necessarily for the right reasons.

In this particular, the Nuclear Power Project is in close synch with their own history and personality for a number of reasons; including:  

  • A vehicle  waiting to explode in a preferably constructive blast of energy that’s taking them to a new, surreal realm;
  • A project that fulfils the geopolitical role as the centre of the western world and a key source of influence in  areas such as energy, culture, the arts and  climate change;
Port of Port of Spain | Bus Ex
  • The gateway to south and central American for trade, industry and the ecstatic climaxing of people in their diverse ethnic groups in search of the One world One people project; and   

The fearless people who’ve been looking up at ufos flying in the air for so long that they yearn to be able to make out the difference between the real lively stars and  the death-cloaked bullets being shot at them out of the darkened sky.

These are a people ready to take on the project they’ve been prepared for all of their lives. These are the real warriors standing by like knights in shining Caribbean, ready for the signal from the Pan leader to take up arms.

In the moment that the first three introductory notes  is knocked at the side of the Pan, all systems will automatically come in place to support the effort of a group which has all the intuitive knowledge to carry this thing forward. 

IAEA Proposal for Ukraine Nuclear Safety Zone Wins Support ...

In this connection, all cross overs naturally take place as people travel between continents and across oceans to achieve the overwhelming collective power of One Force.

Neutralization  is of vital importance since – in bringing all opposing forces together – we will serve as the centre of power where all players find themselves in a win-win situation – with Sweet T+T receiving the most benefit.

The University of the West Indies can also play a big role here.

CARICOM SG recognises significant contribution of Trinidad and Tobago to  regional integration – CARICOM Today

Email: williamsrudolph72@gmail.com


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Areas of endeavor will include:

Journalism Writing a News report; Features : Human Interest,  News and Special

Lay out; Photography; News Analysis; Conducting an interview; Editing; Sub Editing; The Night Production/Printing/Distribution;   and Pod cast.

Young India maximises work and play with a fluid lifestyle, chats with  bosses on social media while on vacay - The Economic Times

Advertising –  Copy Writing; Concept; Radio, TV and Press presentations; Proposals; Client relations; Role of the Account Executive; Accounts and Fee Structures; Media Relations; Meetings with clients; In-house huddles; Confidentiality.

Public Relations – Writing News releases for various media; Media relations; Understanding the Corporate World; Problems and opportunities;  Problem/Opportunity areas; Political clients : the mechanics; Market segments; Public appearances of clients; Presentations by clients; Competitive Presentations to clients; Attending Parliament, Political Meetings and Business interest group gatherings; Show time. 

CrimeBecoming acquainted with the Police and making contacts; Building relationships with the Criminal element, Churches and Community organizations; Understanding the situation from the perspective of Psychiatrists, Religious people, Community Leaders, Local Government officials, Social Workers, Educators and Victims.

1,328,739 Crime Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty ...

Business and Industry – Knowing the Business and what it strives on; its principles and protocols, the Law; Owning and operating a Media House – the hazards of  possible ligation and threats to one’s life and safety; its vital  role in  helping  people shape images of themselves and their behaviour patterns; their collective goals and ambitions in terms of their identification with those whom they have put in power.

Social Media – The ifs and buts; Cultivating  relationships with the young, bright and very savvy; Your personal style; Coping with rapid change; Avoiding becoming irrelevant.

Overseas exposure and further education Writing stories for overseas networks; Improving professional skills by enrolment in courses and membership in international associations; Pursuing personal development courses and other endeavours such as Yoga and Martial Arts

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