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Now that the Trinidad and Tobago Police (TTPS) has announced their plan to accept the low four percent salary increase proposal from the government, this much beleaguered country can expect a welcomed reduction in various problems that have been plaguing us for the past year, including violent crime.

How so?

Dr Randy Seepersad

An environment has been created where Peace, Love and Unity in the spirit of the Christ Child should start to predominate over  the  current wave of  satanic forces   which University of the West Indies  criminologist Dr Randy Seepersad  make forecasts based on trend analysis and computer model project on statistics acquired from the T&T Police Service (TTPS) Crime and Problem Analysis Branch (CAPA) for 1990 to 2019 to predict values up to 2030.

Seepersad, told the Sunday Express in an interview with Alexander Bruzual  that “if trends continue, 2022 may very well end with the highest homicide toll in recent memory”.

In 2008, this country recorded 550 murders, the highest. The second highest number of murders, to date, was recorded in 2019 with 539 murders.

As of Friday night, the murder toll stood at 371 deaths for the year, compared with 228 in 2021.

And, the murder toll could climb to a whopping 710 by 2030,” if action is not taken to treat with societal issues and other root causes of crime in this country”. Ironically, it was as if the very enforcer of the laws against Crime who – recognizing that  solutions to problems of such monumental proportions must reside deep in the higher realms – adopted a course of selflessness which bodes well for the future. 

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It was around this time that Acting Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob expressed disappointment at his own performance when he gave an account of the rising Crime rate.

Fortuitously, the Opposition jumped in the fray by giving Jacon an F for Fail.

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 Dr Seepersad himself had hinted at the possibility when he stated in his report: 

“What stands out for me, or the core thing, is that all successive governments have not placed enough emphasis on crime prevention, and in rooting out the causes for crime. What has been their modus operandi, in layman’s terms, has been to treat the symptoms that they see.

So they keep applying band-aids to the situation, which is more of a focus on the suppressive approach which includes increasing policing measures, as well as the courts and prisons system, instead of treating the disease itself. And if you leave the causes of a disease in place, then the disease will keep on coming back, and sometimes, the symptoms may be even worse than before. And this is the change that is needed. We need to go to the root causes of crime, and treat it there,” Seepersad said.

He acknowledged that the current economic standing of the country, and even the region, had to be taken into account, as these may make thoughts of investment into fixing the socio-economic factors daunting. However, he said if this was not done, the outcome will be “less than ideal”.

“I do understand the constraints of the Government and the financial difficulties in running a country, it is not an easy thing to do. But it will translate into more hardships for youths than anybody else. The Covid-19 pandemic did not do this country, or even the region, any favors. It has made things harder in an already trying time. 

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There are persons without jobs, in a time where prices of basic items and food keep on rising almost every other month due to external factors beyond the control of the State. Then you have situations where young people feel a sense of hopelessness due to the scarcity of the availability of jobs. They go to university, they do their CAPE, they come out with very good grades, some even first class honors, yet they cannot get a job.

Indications that the police had upped the ante, were given by president of the Police Social Welfare Association (PSWA) acting ASP Gideon Dickson who said on Thursday that members of the association have directed him to accept the offer.

The PSWA is the representative body for second-division officers in the Police Service.

In May, Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) Dr Daryl Dindial, in a counter-proposal to trade unions, offered no increase for 2014-2017, one percent for 2018, no further increase for 2019-2020, and one per cent for the 2021 negotiating period.

Asked yesterday if it was a surrender by the membership, Dickson said it is a situation where members now have closure on the matter, which the association feels is in the best interest of T&T.

He said police officers just want to buckle down and treat with the crime situation in the country.

Our membership is quite aware that negotiations under the Public Sector banner will not bring the best returns for police officers. Our membership is also mindful of the economic status of Trinidad & Tobago and, by extension, the impact of all the global situations have had. Our membership has continued to remain committed and wants to continue to perform as they have been, even upping the ante.”

This development – which is a culmination of a number of public service unions agreeing to work with government  –  would bring some measure of comfort to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley who pronounced on this matter as follows: “I appeal to all those who have been entrusted with the responsibility and blessing of employment to honor and respect this obligation.

As public servants, our work is not just a means by which we earn a wage but the very foundation required for the nation’s sustainable growth and development.

We are the stewards of the people’s business.

I understand and accept the concerns expressed for the workers at Petrotrin who will be impacted by the company’s ongoing restructuring exercise. It is a heartening indicator that our ability to empathize with each other is active and strong’.

The Government remains committed to ensuring that all affected employees, families and communities are treated with due care, dignity and respect. These changes, while absolutely necessary, will be implemented with compassion. The restructuring process will include measures to support all stakeholders as Petrotrin transitions to profitability.

June 19, 2018 Several trade unions march from Avocat Junction Fyzabad to Charlie King Junction Fyzabad in in celebration of Labour Day in TT. Several speakers including leaders of unions under the Joint Trade Union Movement  and FITUN.
Photo: Anil Rampersad

In the coming weeks the union and the company will work out the details regarding separation packages for employees and this may help alleviate some of the current anxieties. The Government is also working on the implementation of industrial projects that will rejuvenate the South-Western peninsula.

The Prime Minister added: ’If we are to chart a course forward for Trinidad and Tobago we will need to be proactive, progressive and productive. It will require us to work harder and smarter for our own benefit. And sometimes it will call for the enforcement of unpleasant decisions today so that we can secure a better tomorrow.

We cannot keep repeating the same mistakes and uphold the status quo if we want change”.

Migrant worker living quarters in Doha

In this connection, Rowley has received support from TT Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon who recently sermonized:

 T+T Roman Catholoc Archbishop Jason Gordon added hos vice to the discussion.Leadership:The Pursuit of Virtue

“Globally, we face a major threat to this planet—our common home, the Earth—because we have put the myth of progress ahead of sustainable integral ecology. The pursuit of lifestyle, money and so-called progress has sacrificed the planet in ways that the United Nations is now saying is irreversible. We, the tiny islands of the Caribbean will feel the full brunt of the climate challenge.’

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“To solve the problem of epistemology—how do I know that I know— the 17th century philosopher, Rene Descartes proclaimed: cogito, ergo sumI think therefore I Am. 

“While solving the problem of knowledge, he inadvertently moved the human subject to the centre and with this laid the foundation for individualism. We have taken this to the extreme where knowledge does not matter anymore. Now, we are asked to believe that we are whatever we desire— hence gender ideology. This break in knowledge is disastrous for civilization. This storm is already beating against us.

Together we can make a difference

Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

As the People’s National Movement (PNM) government braces for internal elections this Sunday, the country waits with bated breath to see how much the people of this great party understand the importance of a full turnout, if only to reassure that nation and demonstrate to the undermining Opposition that the country is still in good hands.

For them to do otherwise – rain or no rain – would open the floodgates to a series of negative criticism that could undermine the party to such an extent that it cannot be sure to hold the reins of power in general elections due two years from now.

Or, as Stuart Young, one of the aspirants for the post of Chairman, told his constituents in a private meeting:

A day in politics is a long time!

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