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TT Youths in Business Initiative

TT Sport and Youth Affairs Minister Shamfa Cudjoe (Photo:

TT Sport and Youth Affairs

Minister Shamfa Cudjoe (Photo:

by Rudolph Williams 

The Trinidad and Tobago government continues to support youths seeking to pursue business initiatives in their effort to cope with the pervading   environment  of public spending cutbacks and a scarcity of  new jobs on the traditional work market.

One of the latest  projects  is the CEBO (Creativity for Employment and Business Opportunity) Business Programme Lab organized by the Youth Division of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs in collaboration with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the European Union (EU).


CEBO has just completed the first of a planned series of training projects involving an intensive one-week training programme which takes participants through the various stages of developing and operating  a business right up to production and marketing.

The direct result of this work was observed on October 17, 2019   at Long Circular Mall, Port of Spain where a company named Fourth Dimension was seen  actively marketing their brand of body scrubs made from all natural products in an attractively  bottled paste form in flavours  of  predominantly chocolate and banana.

According to Project Administrator Michelle Agard of the Ministry’s Youth Division, Fourth Dimension is one of five groups of youths drawn from various parts of Trinidad who participated in the first CEBO project held at the St James Youth Facility, Port of Spain last week.

Michelle Agard with group photo_

Members of the Fourth Dimension Group

with Project Administrator Michelle Agard (Red T-Shirt)


A total of thirty youths participated in this first round of the programme which caters for persons aged 17 to 35. The oldest participant in this round is aged 25. They are  of varied backgrounds from tertiary education level  to having  had a brush with the law.

In addition to body scrubs by Fourth Dimension, the four other groups worked on businesses based on the production of  Soaps, Cup Cakes, Healthy Lunch Options and Hair Products based on natural ingredients, mainly avocadoes, Michelle Agard revealed.

“We are very pleased to see how persons coming from different geographical locations could bond so closely and work so hard to form their companies and bring their project to production stage”, the Project Administrator commented.

girls dealing with a customer

Dealing with a customer.


In the case of  Fourth Dimension which has seven members, one participant revealed he was came from Chaguanas in central Trinidad while another came from Sangre Grande in the far east. One of their exciting challenges could be how to hold this company together despite being resident in disparate locations.

Company CEO Tovah Foye explained that the company would be using the St James Youth facility as its “head-quarters” until a location is found for their operation.

The Ministry’s Lead Facilitator for the CEBO  project is Sherwyn Bridgewater.

sign of event_michelle agard story

Port of Spain- October 18, 2019

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