What if Foster Cummings were Faris Al Rawi, Robert Sabga or Derek Chin?

The question which keeps popping up in certain TT bars with the opening of a bottle of beer or a pull on a now legal marijuana cigarette, is certainly not new but is now being  asked very aloud.

“What the arse Foster could’ve done to get that kind of attention for making a few land deals of the kind which are small potatoes compared to those of Al Rawi and his Lebanese family, or Sabga or Chin?”

Why can’t the Indian demons leave the black man alone?

Is it because he’s from Indian Trail and can inadvertently expose their private business?

Or maybe they are angry that he did not marry a little Indian woman like Senator Jayanti to legitimize his transparent transactions – although he’s reputed to be very tight with this constituency.

This is the kind of raw innuendo which sometimes rears its ugly head in our overtly ethnically diverse society where you can get into real trouble by just scratching the surface. 

Remember when then Opposition Leader Rowley respectfully turned  up with his most elegant wife, Sharon as duly invited guests at the opening of a Divali Nagar festival a few years ago – only to be mocked at by then PM Kamla Persad- Bissessar and her racist cohorts for their Indian wear?

Then there was that insensitive display at a PNM rally where the   Indian was symbolically  subjected to a crude interpretation  of sexual copulation, with performers and the laughing crowd woefully ignorant of the kind of desecration they were unwillingly involved in. 

Yet, unlike the sanctimonious Roman Catholic land owners who helped batter our people into submission in slavery, nobody seems to care a rat’s arse about how they get their money. 

But the little black Baptist boy who shouted his way from the countryside to the winning side in  Parliament, must today come under fire for a few small but  admirable successes in his short life.

Still, in a land where female gender champions are quick to protest at the drag down of a homosexual’s skirt, how come no PNM Women’s League brigade ever chastised their leader and Jack Warner for raining blows on PM Kamla – a woman just like them – in the most disgusting manner that could leave a female feeling like a bag of buss-up-shot

The racist elements are pervasive on all sides.

The greater pain in Foster’s case may be that he is being vilified for what seems to be – from the “evidence” put forward – a routine procedure where alarm bells were raised by the harmless shadow of  a Police Branch Special Investigation which fell like a bucket of honey into the ecstatic lap of Opposition Senator Jayanti Lutcmedial.

So in the same way that the freed African slaves were barred from buying land after their emancipation and had to retreat to the banks of the Dry River in Port of Spain to eke out a living like the Belmont Rada, the cruel ethnic cycle has now taken another turn.

For people like PM Rowley who has been severely scrutinized for making land purchases for his retirement with his family in Tobago, this hounding is nothing new – but he is one of, this country’s  few rich black men whose back has grown broad and strong over his many years in politics.

In the case of young Foster Cummings however, all black victims of ethnicity at various levels can only send their prayers to the surreal Orisha levels through Shango, Oshun and the Santeria’s Jesus.

Here is one place where we can find hope that our young, promising disciple will safely navigate the treacherous path through this dark night of  political  terror. 

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