Why Hillan’s Frustration Cannot Stop a PNM Victory

News of the defection of three UNC (United National Congress) local government representatives to the PNM (People’s National Movement) came at a fortuitous time for the PNM since it was able to deflect attention from a very curious move attributed to POS Deputy May Hillan Morean who, in a Trinidad Guardian report by Rhondor Dowlat last week spoke about 

“Frustration (being) one of the factors that has led to his recent decision to the exit from the  Port-of-Spain Corporation”

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Speaking with the Guardian Media during a telephone interview yesterday, Morean, who is the current PNM Local Government representative for St Ann’s River North, confirmed he will not be going up for any seat in the upcoming Local Government election.

He noted however that “(Newly enacted  Local Government laws) will now empower each municipality (and), with  the property taxes, (will provide)  a wonderful ability for corporations to use the funds to help residents instead of waiting months to fix a pothole or months for disbursements”. 

Morean, 37, said ‘after thinking long and hard about his exit”,  had made up his mind because he wanted to have some more time for his family and also for the pursuit of educational goals.

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He has been a councillor since 2013 but was given an additional responsibility of deputy mayor of Port of Spain City Corporation in 2016.

“It was good, an extreme pleasure to be part of the local government system and being able to help people as best as I could,” Morean told the Guardian.

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However, Morean noted that he will again offer himself for office in the future.

Asked if he had any advice for anyone entering the political arena, Morean replied: “Think carefully because it is a commitment beyond personal obligations, but if you are not willing to give your full commitment don’t. It is a wonderful place to develop yourself and grow and experience leadership.”

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He added, “I want to say thanks to the party and residents for putting their faith in me. There are still a lot of things I did not accomplish but whoever comes in hopefully, will stand in strongly. I am still here to support.”

While Morean’s decision to part ways with the Port of Spain Corporation might have been lost on the UNC defections, coupled with the bright picture painted by his political leader in San Fernando last week, it does highlight that the mighty PNM is not without her vulnerabilities.

Be that as it may, the prospects for a PNM victory in both upcoming local and general elections  still seem highly probable.

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