Why Keith’s Staying Far From Danger Man Gary

In open confirmation that he rued the day he successfully  championed Gary Griffith for the position of Trinidad and Tobago Police Commissioner in August, 2018, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s statement suggested there is more in the mortar than the proverbial pestle when he told Naparima MP Rodney Charles :

“As Chairman of the National Security Council, I have very good reason not to meet with Gary Griffith under any circumstances.

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Such a  loaded statement coming from a man who can be very careful and deliberate with his words, speaks volume about the clear and present danger which Rowley sees being presented by the popular wild-card Sandhurst-trained military hot-shot  to this largely innocent nation – of which  85% said yes! when Guardian Media polled the public across its social media platforms, asking If the government should accept Griffith’s offer.

Given Rowley’s bruising experience with Griffith coupled with the scandalous behaviour of the man who was unceremoniously fired by former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar for his disrespectful attitude, the PM therefore seems well grounded when he called his role in the appointment of former Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith, the “biggest mistake of my life” (Kim Boodram – Trinidad Express. August 24, 2022)

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Over the years, the ever-ambitious Griffith who earned himself the star-boy name of Double G during his stint as Police Commissioner, proved himself to be a true bull in the system’s China shop by a number of  wrecking-ball actions including:

  • His rattling of the office of the usually demure former President Paula –Mae Weekes in the way he 

old-facedly contested his status on the Merit List for election as Police Commissioner;

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  • The manner in which he played himself like a true jagabat by publicly riding roughshod over the PM who had favoured him for the post of Chief Cop despite warnings; and
  • His display of initiative to face the criminals on their turf in a style reminiscent of the legendary respected 1970s crime fighter Randy Burroughs.
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What has become obvious to discerning observers is that Gary Griffith is  the gullible citizens of  this twin-island Caribbean state, Griffith really feels that he is the new father of the nation and that he can forge  new destiny for us with the establishment of his one-man  National Transformation Alliance (NTA) in May last year

In an exclusive interview with Loop News , Griffith said  that,  despite “the huge support base the party has received”, the fear of victimisation remains prevalent.

“Because they work in the public sector and because of the positions that they hold, they have asked to be supporters instead of coming forward. It’s very unfortunate that we live in a democratic society but there are so many citizens who are afraid to come out and express their interest or their constitutional right to support who they want because of fear of political victimisation,” Griffith said.

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 “The only reason I’m doing this is to serve my country… I have delivered, in every position that I have held, I was successful and always been able to achieve my mission so that is why I am here simply to be a humble servant to serve the country. I have nothing to gain from this.”,  he added.

As a man who has described himself as being financially well off, Griffith’s intentions may seem very noble and patriotic on the surface.

At the deeper level, however, it reeks of a man filled with vaulting ambition to reach his highest possibilities in a space where too many politicians tend to settle down as bottom feeders behind their leaders for a mess of pottage. 

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All things considered therefore, Gary Griffith should be a most welcomed colourful player in this land in which  every creed and race truly can find an equal place and where God always blesses our Nation.

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