Why the Old Universal Queen’s Embarrassed at Being Caught Entangled With her Middle-Aged Musical Agriculturist

Although it’s commonly accepted in Sweet T+T that Carnival allows license for anyone to leggo, dingolay and wine dong to de ground, a number of our more conservative citizens were left dumbfounded at the recent antics of one of this 

country’s world-acclaimed beauty monarchs whose ancient celebrity status  impinged on her constitutional right to run wild in a recent Trinidad pre-Carnival all-inclusive fete here.

Now, do not be misled by some of the contradictory names which some people use here to fondly address their heroes. For example:

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  • The famous late Calypsonian called  “Shorty” was in fact a  tall man;
  • When a youth tells you your song is sounding bad!, he most like means it’s great to listen to;
  • “Sick”can mean feeling very well;
  • The party was hard is some people’s way of recalling a great celebratory event; and
  • Poor can mean very rich.

So when the nation gasped in pleasurable shock and awe as a previously  unknown Penny rocked Donald trump’s Miss Universe Pageant to snatch the crown for Trinidad and Tobago in 1976, we discovered it a woman whose simple name belied the the extremely value in which she was held by the populace, the Caribbean, Black people and the world.

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The Prime Minister named a whole plane after her.

The Mayor of Port of Spain defied the critics and deleted the name of one of the oldest historical  streets in the capital city to rechristen it after Queen Penny years after her victory.

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Women named their babies after this icon who rose in social circles to rush through two marriages with husbands whom she buried as she shone in new  social, diplomatic and other circles. 

Janelle Penny Janelle Penny Caribbean Biography describes Commissiong-Chow (born 15 June 1953) as ”the daughter of a Venezuelan mother and a Trinidadian father. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, she migrated to the United States at the age of 13, and returned to Trinidad and Tobago ten years  later.

Career In 1976, just Before winning the Miss Universe crown, she studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. After winning the Miss Trinidad and Tobago title, she went on to be crowned Miss Universe 1977 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At the Miss Universe Pageant,  was the first woman from the Caribbean and the first woman of African ancestry to be crowned Miss Universe.
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During the Miss Universe pageant, Commissioning was a very popular contestant who won the photogenic competition of the pageant. Non and, although she was not considered the favorite to win the pageant, took the highly coveted  crown. Miss Commission was a public advocate for black rights in nations where people of African ancestry were marginalise in minorities, and she campaigned for world peace. Honours Commissiong was awarded the Trinity Cross, the country’s highest award, in 1977. Three postage stamps were also issued in her honour. Personal life Commissiong married Brian Bowen, founder of Bowen Marine, who died in an accident in November 1989. When her husband died in an accident in 1989 she headed the company for a brief period.  She later married businessman Alwin Chow and they adopted a daughter, Sasha.

Like many famous people of Caribbean heritage, Janelle Commissiong is considered an icon in her native Trinidad and Tobago where she continues to manage successful businesses.

So how could you, our most revered glass ceiling breaker, find yourself  openly carousing with a farmer who you would have never given a glance to some years ago?
Why are you bringing down your image and why are you now seeking to shatter our long-held illusion of you as our precious queen who gave all of us a new hope and helped us define and successfully start fulfilling  a new perspective of our possibilities as a people?

Penny dreams of revived POS - Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Obviously, you don’t know what a fantastic thing you did  for us and we cannot afford to see it taken away!
These are the kinds of sentiments of anguish, pain and grief which a number of  the citizens are expressing over the personal behaviour of an old woman  who would like to be just left alone to do whatever she wishes with her private life, after years of bearing the public  burden of what has now probably become a painful crown of thorns.

Did Michael Jackson have an affair with Janelle Commissiong? - Quora 

In this regard, Trinis – who also know how to be very kind, caring and courteous – should give deep consideration to the silent pain which their world game-changing queen had to endure through the decades in which he carried the mantle of pristine beauty for them at great personal sacrifice which no one can measure.

 So it’s about time we all deal with Queen Penny in the same manner in which Calypso Rose advised when she sang:
Just Leave Me Alone!
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