Why Was Stuart’s Voice Not in NP Story on MCTV?

The establishment of an ultra-modern fueling station on 65,000 square feet of land at Preysal, central Trinidad, with great attention paid to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and solar energy, is a project which generates great pride in the 43-year old National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP).

According to Energy and Energy Industries Minister Stuart Young, the Government views the opening as “a significant achievement in developing the compressed natural gas (CNG) industry since the Government approved the introduction of CNG as part of the transportation fuel mix in 1992”.
“From then to now, the government has attempted to place a substantial focus on the acceleration on the use of CNG,” Young said.
While all seemed well and good as the cameras rolled and the recorders set about taking in the historic scene with various officials duly assuming proud poses for “photo opps” for a job well done, I later found something curiously curiously amiss with at least one media house.

With all the media called upon to do their best in this glaring spotlight, I found it downright flabbergasting that one of the nation’s television stations now seeking to get into the good graces of its audiences, could fumble so badly on the big stage.

It’s absolutely amazing that MCTV (Multi Cultural Television) could attend a function of such significant importance, record it and present a news story (which I saw on September 22) where the Government Minister responsible for the project was not allowed to utter one single word on screen.

Addresses by the NP Chairman and other officials are all appropriately recorded and presented but there’s not a “peep” from Stuart Young who is actually seen front and centre cutting ribbons, unveiling plaques and giving high fives for the outstanding work by NP’s people.

The behavior of such a brass-faced newcomer to the field suggests that there may be more in the mortar than this pestle and that:

  • MCTV has so much money behind it that it does not need the support of advertisers and will be able to project its messages as openly as it feels without fear of losing financial backing.
  • Because if its assurance of a captive audience, the station can proceed at will, knowing that its loyal base will stand behind whatever cause it expounds as it seeks to convert others on the way.
  • MCTV is fulfilling a mandate to erode and seek to destroy the People’s National Movement government to pave the way for a victory at the polls by a new political party in the next general elections, or
  • This was just the work of some over-enthusiastically dotish rookie who should be summarily fired.

Whatever this station does in the future, it’s most likely that there will no longer be “A brighter morning” with former UNC government Minister Bhoe Tewarie whose drawl can quickly send you back to sleep.

Instead, MCTV – with that disastrous NP news broadcast which betrayed that its culture is anything but “Multicultural” – faces the possibility of voluntary alienation from the privileged circle of a free press.
That’s because, no matter our many differences, our media people can be relied upon to adhere to the highest protocols due to officials of any government in power.

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